Javascript Developer Orca Team

Social Media is always changing, and the way we interact with it evolves almost every day. At Emplifi, we work together to create tools that make working with social media easier and more effective.

In the Orca team our focus is to make our client's life easier by a well-arranged feed of their posts, replies and almost anything that is rustling on their social networks. Even though we are a front-end team in the organization we are at the same time helping with the backend too. We will gladly help with learning how back-end technologies work in case you are not familiar with them.

We value transparency, trust, cooperation, and working together to always improve how we work and what we work on. Our team is mostly remote but we meet once a month in the office to spend some time together. Other than that we cooperate on an everyday basis since the current technology world enables us to.

Your day to day will include:

  • Planning your development time independently - we believe you should work when you’re most effective

  • Reviewing code clearly and honestly 

  • Expressing your opinions clearly and kindly to the team and the PO

  • Digging into issues and coming up with solutions (or good questions)

  • Thinking about how the actual user will use what you build

  • Debugging code you encounter

  • Working in an agile environment - we want to be better and that's achievable only by iterative changes and improvements

Tools you’ll work with the most (and we need you to have some level of proficiency in it):

  • Javascript and Typescript

  • React/React-Query

  • Express

  • Browser dev tools

Bonus points for:

Familiarity with one (or more) of these:

  • Typescript

  • React-Query / Redux-Saga

  • ElasticSearch (ELK)

  • CSS preprocessors (LESS and SCSS)

  • Familiarity with Facebook/Twitter/other social API

  • Restful patterns (APIs)

  • CQRS architecture

  • Document-based databases (eg. MongoDb) and/or SQL (postgresql)

  • RabbitMQ

What We Offer

  • Unlimited Vacation, 3 sick days, home office
  • Internal tech talks, Udemy courses, Frontend Masters courses, and workshops
  • Meetups & conferences
  • Hackathons, Game Nights, Tech quizzes with prices
  • Non-product development day every sprint (education, techtalks, workshops)
  • Multisport card
  • Agile and open-minded culture and a high level of flexibility
  • Possibility to learn new technologies and encourage new ideas
    Chance to compete in a ping-pong tournament or to enjoy table football, Playstation, Yoga, or run with colleagues, and nearly all year-round grilling parties and other team-building opportunities
  • There’s more as well! Please speak with us to find out all the details
Javascript Developer Orca Team
Brno, Pilsen, Prague
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