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Trupanion uses Emplifi to create a community-driven Insurance brand

"I love the way that we were able to highlight our members and our VIP advocates with Emplifi. Especially how we can take that reach and engagement to a new level beyond a post on social." — Kesa Hurley, Member Engagement Specialist at Trupanion

With more than half a million insured pets, Trupanion is a leader in medical insurance for cats and dogs. Founded 20 years ago with the input and support of veterinarians, veterinary professionals, and pet owners, Trupanion continues to redefine the industry -- providing the best user experience for its members and ensuring the best veterinary care.

To further their outreach into the community, Trupanion recently created a digital campaign using Emplifi in order to engage pet influencers and enthusiasts.

Influencer management rooted in authenticity

To boost community engagement and create an emotional connection to the brand, Trupanion sought out the vibrant community of pet influencers who were already organically sharing their experiences with Trupanion on social media.

"As insurance, we have a lot of regulations, so our program has been built on authentic community interest in Trupanion. Our influencer program started in an Excel sheet of members who were organically engaging with Trupanion's social media. With Emplifi, our influencer program has grown over the year beyond the Excel sheet, and into an influencer gallery that highlights every influencer we've worked with."

‍Engaging diverse communities across multiple channels

Trupanion's community is mainly comprised of pet owners, but they also work closely with veterinarians. To engage both sides of the community, the team put together a Veterinary Appreciation Day gallery to highlight the pet health professionals in their digital community.

To go further to engage everyone in their audience, Trupanion takes advantage of the direct-upload capability from Emplifi.

"It's been really interesting seeing the way that our members are able to use the upload feature -- because I don't think everybody has an Instagram, for example. There's just a lot of different ways you can use Emplifi. And highlighting our members in unique ways makes them feel so special. Plus, Emplifi just makes any webpage or email more fun!"

No matter the audience or channel, the team at Trupanion is able to create a relatable, engaging, and community-driven message to engage.‍

Engaging diverse communities across multiple channels

Launching a community engagement program with influencers from scratch can be a challenge but with the highly-engaged Trupanion community, and support from the Emplifi team, the Trupanion team has kept their program running smoothly.

"Getting ramped up with Emplifi was great — I could ping the team at Emplifi at any time and get that support. After learning from the team, I was able to create exactly what we were looking for. And it was fairly easy. Everyone I've worked with from Emplifi has been a huge support for me!"

As the Trupanion team continues to grow the community, Emplifi will continue to play a role in streamlining and engaging their passionate fans.

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