Any of these Innovations, Research & Data roles feel like a good fit?

We're a group of enthusiastic data analysts, data and ML engineers, and data scientists. We also have a team consisting of developers taking care of our SaaS toolsets (Mixpanel, Salesforce). People matter the most. We try to create a culture where people feel productive and creative, can learn and grow, and every voice is heard.

Projects run on agile methodology, and we tackle interesting problems from anomaly detection on time series and sentiment analysis all the way to designing and implementing resilient pipelines processing hundreds of GigaBytes daily. Our stack consists of Apache Spark (for big data processing), AWS S3 (as data lake storage), PostgreSQL and AWS Redshift (DWH), Tableau (reporting), TensorFlow, and Keras (ML frameworks). We use Python as our main language as well as experimenting with Scala. We also manage Salesforce (marketing and sales processes) and Mixpanel (user activity in our product). We care deeply about clean, maintainable, and testable code. Check our open positions!