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Report a violation

We take all reports seriously

To report content violating third-party rights or applicable laws displayed on or transmitted through our services or an account that you suggest would need to be reviewed, please reach out directly to We pay close attention to all reports we receive, and will take action if needed.

Note: This email address is not for general support requests about the Emplifi platform. If you need technical help with an Emplifi product, please visit the Emplifi Customer Center.

Report Intellectual Property (IP) Right Infringement

If your complaint is related to a copyright or a trademark violation, please contact us at and provide us with:

  • Details of the content you would like to report

  • Reasons for reporting

  • Details of the copyright/trademark owner

  • Your contact details (full name and address)

  • Trademark registration details and a copy of the trademark certificate, if available

  • Any other relevant materials

Please be aware that we may share your contact information with the Emplifi client whose content you are reporting for IP infringement. By submitting this Intellectual Property Infringement complaint, you consent to share your contact information with the concerned Emplifi client.