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Radio Flyer drives a 7x increase in conversion with Emplifi

"Across the two years of working with Emplifi, we've seen our user-generated content performance grow so much based on the recommendations we received from the Emplifi team. That's something that is very unique to Emplifi: building a strong relationship where your account manager really knows your brand." — Mindy Schanzle, PR & Communications Manager at Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer is an American toy company with over 100 years of experience creating ride-ons like tricycles, bicycles, scooters, and its famous little red wagon.

With no shortage of engaged customers, the brand saw the highest level of engagement came from user-generated content (UGC). But manually collecting and curating UGC to share across multiple channels was tough to scale. To grow its UGC capabilities across multiple channels while reducing the team’s workload, Radio Flyer chose Emplifi.

Extending the reach of UGC beyond social

Radio Flyer had already seen profound success with UGC on social media and other channels before working with Emplifi, so the brand’s team knew how powerful customer photos are in driving engagement and conversions.

"As we saw the performance of UGC on our social media pages continue to rise, we knew this was a process that we needed to streamline to scale the program."

With Emplifi, the Radio Flyer team was not only able to scale their content curation, but also easily deploy that content across more channels. The team leverages customer content across a variety of channels, from social media to product pages and email campaigns, bringing an authentic and community-driven marketing approach to all aspects of Radio Flyer’s business.

"I love that most of everything within Emplifi is very dynamic. We can set up a gallery, put in the parameters, and everything updates automatically."

Emplifi-powered UGC galleries lifted the average order value by 12% and generated over 11,000 unique shopper interactions per month within three months. Shoppers interacting with this UGC were also seven times more likely to make a purchase.

Improving on-site content performance with Emplifi

Since UGC was performing so well, the team at Radio Flyer aimed to use even more UGC across their product pages and other high-converting properties. With Emplifi, the Radio Flyer team was able to scale this process to create 117 live galleries of Radio Flyer customer content site-wide.

“Emplifi has been a great solution for our team to help cut down the time and resources used, and to help spread this awesome user-generated content we receive from our families across multiple channels, and not just social media,” Schanzle said.

Efficient implementation of UGC on product pages and inspiration galleries came from a dedication to support and communication on both Radio Flyer and Emplifi’s teams.

Inspiring shoppers with personalized "Design Your Own” experiences

Radio Flyer’s “Design Your Own” custom products include wagons, tricycles, scooters, and a miniature Tesla Model S for kids. The full online experience allows customers to pick out features and accessories to best fit their family for that product, complete with personal touches like adding the family name to the ride-on.

With many stages of customization, Radio Flyer’s team hoped to streamline adding UGC to the mix.

"We were able to work with Emplifi to set up different galleries and albums to match that custom experience. And now we're able to have user-generated content throughout the entire purchase experience for the consumer."

The brand’s website now incorporates Emplifi-powered UGC at each step of the customization process, personalizing the consumer’s online shopping experience and showing how different features look on real customers’ ride-ons.

Wishes For Wheels campaign

In December 2020, Radio Flyer partnered with the nonprofit One Simple Wish to create its Wishes For Wheels campaign, identifying 100 children and their holiday gift wishes. The campaign then enabled customers to pay for 50% of a child’s Radio Flyer gift, with the brand covering the other half of the product’s cost.

The brand’s team used Emplifi to design a landing page featuring UGC depicting the ride-on toys in motion to round out the campaign experience.

"We were so grateful they sold out very quickly, and there was an interest from our community to help give back to others during the holidays."

With Emplifi, Radio Flyer is able to reach engagement goals on social media and design an authentic website that reflects the experiences of its consumers, all while minimizing extra resources and time expenditure by the brand’s team.

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