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Kapten & Son achieves organic social media success with an all-in-one social media management solution

How a top global accessory brand reaches its desired audience with streamlined content workflows and testing capabilities.

Founded in 2014, Kapten & Son is a leading lifestyle accessory brand based in Germany known for its stylish and reliable watches, bags, and other accessories designed to support customers on all of their adventures.

Kapten & Son has considered social media a key part of its overall strategy since its founding. The brand focuses on organic reach through its owned channels to reach potential and existing customers and lower customer acquisition costs.

The company sought a new “all-in-one” solution that included publishing tools and detailed social media insights on one platform. Additionally, as the brand pivoted to short-form video content and developed a TikTok strategy, it needed real-time audience insights to help them adapt.

Improving workflow processes with a complete social platform

Kapten & Son chose the Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud to handle content approvals, publishing, and insights across its global campaigns. The platform provides a user-friendly approval workflow that helps the brand ensure quality control across its many teams and social media campaigns.

"The platform allows us to clearly define responsibilities, save time when organizing the content calendar, and deliver the best approved content to our audience," said Sophie Creitz, Senior Social Manager, Kapten & Son.

The brand's social team also uses the platform’s labeling and dashboard functions to organize its campaigns and keep track of its social media content testing. Additionally, teams provide feedback and approvals for all social media posts on Facebook and Instagram directly on the Emplifi platform.

Enhanced social media insights help inform content decisions

Emplifi also enables the Kapten & Son social teams to gain deeper insights on campaign performance. With the user-friendly content labeling system and personalized dashboards, team members can compare campaigns and determine ways to improve communication on each platform.

"Emplifi provides much more detailed insights and context than our previous social media management platform," added Creitz. "The labeling and dashboard functionalities have a direct impact on shaping our campaign strategies and help us test organic content."

The team also uses Emplifi’s automated reporting dashboards to report results every week. The reports are sent to the appropriate teams to keep track of performance and progress toward company goals.

Reaching new audiences with TikTok

The Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud has enabled the brand’s social marketing team to adopt a new short-form video content strategy across its platforms.

"TikTok reaches a large number of young audience members that we have trouble addressing on our existing channels," explained Creitz. "We want to retain our existing customers while showing our personality and connecting with a wider audience on TikTok."
With the help of Emplifi, Kapten & Son’s social team keeps track of constantly evolving trends and adapts its content to fit the personal tone of TikTok.

"The frequency of innovations in social media marketing leads to frequently changing strategies," said Creitz. "Short-form video content requires higher production efforts, meaning that tracking the business impact and comparing it to paid marketing outlets is essential."

The takeaway

Kapten & Son enhances its social media content creation, approval, publishing, and analysis with Emplifi’s Social Marketing Cloud. The platform’s customizable organizational and insights tools allow the social media teams to manage several campaigns with different goals and ensure each reaches its intended audience. As the company expands its strategy to focus on short-form video content, the Emplifi platform will continue to support its success.

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