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Kyivstar boosts the power of their community management

How Kyivstar's social media managers decreased response time to 15 minutes while handling up to 700 requests via social media every day.

Kyivstar is the largest telecommunications operator in Ukraine, providing mobile communication and data transmission services to more than 24.4 million customers. In order to manage their community, they chose Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud to help them provide advice to customers quickly and comprehensively in about 15 minutes.

The challenge 

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Kyivstar has been working hard to keep their clients connected. During blackouts, shelling, or a downed network, when they physically can't open shops for consultations, they receive hundreds of client requests every day. 

“Now more than ever social networks are the first port of call for customers looking to engage with a business.’’ said Yaroslava Zahurska, Social media manager at Kyivstar. "Every day our social networks receive about 500-700 requests, it is almost impossible to qualitatively process such a number of requests manually. The native social media platforms do not provide a way to organize dialogues and understand where the problem has already been solved, and where an answer still needs to be provided. That is why we chose Emplifi."

The team’s workload had been steadily increasing, and they couldn’t handle it all manually. As a result, social media managers were spending too much time on each individual request, and many important messages were falling through the cracks. Furthermore, there was no way to categorize conversations and determine where the problem had already been solved and where a solution was still needed. 

The solution

Emplifi provided a solution to Kyivstar by integrating its Social Marketing Cloud within Kyivstar’s workflows providing a unified social media management and engagement platform. This has allowed Kyivstar to effectively manage and engage with its community on social media, providing a critical touchpoint with its customers even when physical shops are unable to open.

The long-standing relationship between Emplifi and Kyivstar, established over nearly a decade, has provided a foundation of trust and understanding that has allowed Emplifi to tailor its support to Kyivstar's specific needs. The dedicated Customer Success team assigned to Kyivstar has served as a focal point of support, becoming a trusted advisor and ally for the company.

Having a solution to stay connected with customers through social media has proven to be of utmost importance, especially during difficult times.

The results

Emplifi's Social Marketing Cloud helped Kyivstar by automating their social media workflows. Now, when a customer sends a request through any of their social networks, Kyivstar's community managers receive an alert that lets them know there is a new message waiting for them. The team can then choose which type of request it is (e.g., direct messages from stories) and mark it as "done/in progress/no action." With the help of Emplifi AI, they can also quickly detect the priority score of each request and act accordingly within the same day.

This makes it easier for everyone in the team to get up to speed on what needs to be done next without having to search through multiple platforms or wait until someone else takes care of it first before they can start working themselves.

As a result, Kyivstar community managers find it easier to hit their target of fifteen minutes response time on average every week, and they are able to handle up to 700 customer requests every day — more than 200k in a year — with high-quality responses that allow them to provide consultations and solutions in a swift way. 

"With Emplifi, we don't have to worry about the fact that some questions will remain unanswered," Zahurska said. "We currently receive a lot of non-standard requests that take longer to process, therefore Community helps mark these issues as pending and allows you to return to them later. With Emplifi, we can respond to customer's requests faster and do it more qualitatively."

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