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How the UK's No.1 baby finger-food brand found new ways to build strong bonds with their target audience during the lockdown

Organix, the UK's No.1 leading baby and toddler's finger food brand, revolutionized the market back in 1992 when founder Lizzie Vann first introduced her organic, healthy, simple, and nutritious snacks for kids. From humble beginnings to the fully-fledged company Organix is today, they are still keeping their "no junk promise," high food standards, and a focus on the well-being of their customers.

Like the rest of the world, Organix felt the effects of this year's stay-at-home mandates. With a strategy focused heavily on offline marketing initiatives, such as in-store samplings, festival attendances, and PR events, Organix had to adjust to the new reality very quickly.

And they did, in a spectacular, yet simple way.

The WonderDen campaign and online hub, rooted in brand values

Organix's fully online strategy still held fast to what makes the brand special: their promise to be a helping hand to parents and to bring families together. For the WonderDen campaign, Organix leveraged gamification to lift spirits and bring joy, while enabling parents to entertain their youngest ones. In large part, it also embedded Organix and their products into the new rhythm of quarantine life.

"During the lockdown, we wanted to connect with our consumers on more levels than just through our products, and our digital channels were key to doing this. By sharing content from the WonderDen section of our website (which serves as a hub for parents, packed with games, activities, and recipes for parents and their children), we were able to create a stronger bond with our consumers and greater brand awareness for Organix." - Francesca Hunt, Social Media and Digital Campaign Manager at Organix

Creating an impactful influencer marketing mix to drive success

To reach a larger audience base, Organix sought out the right influencer partners to share their experiences with the WonderDen hub. They worked with influencers to foster trustworthy community-brand relationships, while also featuring trusted specialists on their social media channels for a healthy dose of both relatability and reliability.

This combination paid off. Measuring the impact was another important piece to the equation. With Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud, Organix could efficiently track content performance across every social touchpoint, from both brand and influencer content alike.

"Working with multiple partners, it was key to keep track of every part of the campaign. Using labels to group and analyze their content within Emplifi was integral. It helped us to track our performance and showcase the success of the campaign across all social channels," said Franceska Hunt, Social Media and Digital Campaign Manager at Organix.

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