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PowerStop champions automotive UGC with Emplifi

"Emplifi is a great platform for building an inclusive community. UGC shows the customer firsthand how great the product is, and it’s much more compelling instead of just telling the customer why the product is great." — Jake Walenga, Marketing Manager at PowerStop

PowerStop is the go-to brand for car enthusiasts when it comes to brake upgrades. Popular for its safe, sturdy, and trustworthy brake kits, PowerStop was looking to grow both brand exposure and marketing content volume.

To collect, curate, and publish user-generated content (UGC) from community members across a variety of channels, PowerStop opted for Emplifi.

Top-performing social media content

With Emplifi, PowerStop is able to automatically access and reshare UGC across the brand’s social channels, collecting an average of 250 unique pieces of high-quality UGC per week. UGC has proven to be the brand’s top-performing content asset when it comes to growing impressions on social media, and customers are eager to share it.

"About half of our brand’s social posts are UGC – they’re a big engagement driver for us."

Streamlined management of customer UGC — including Reels and TikTok content — reduces the demand for brand-created content. This allows the PowerStop team to put more energy towards building future campaigns and engaging in real-time with its online community.

"In my two years of using Emplifi I haven’t had a single community member say 'no' when asking permission to use their content. Some of them even want a message when you're about to post it so they can re-feature it!"

How UGC drove 20K+ TikTok followers

PowerStop continuously advocates for its community to take brake upgrades into their own hands with the brand’s products. In just a month, PowerStop amassed over 20K TikTok followers by sharing UGC in the form of tutorial videos and real use cases from happy customers.

"Our brand was the first brake company to release 1-click brake kits, so we really focus on our online channels for education. It’s so important for us to get people to feel comfortable doing brake installs on their own vehicle, and with the help of Emplifi we’re doing just that."

PowerStop’s TikTok content is also made shoppable by Emplifi via a landing page of UGC linked in the brand’s bio.

"There's a big community on TikTok that looks for quick how-to tips where they can learn something in a short amount of time. So we catered to that audience and have been experiencing massive growth since then."

Community growth beyond car experts

PowerStop appeals to consumers who aren’t necessarily car fanatics by showcasing tutorial videos and relatable customer stories through on-site, shoppable UGC galleries. On-site UGC sparked a 3X increase in repeat visit rate.

"We use Emplifi galleries on our website. These galleries really drive home the whole DIY-feel of the brand, which is much more welcoming than if you were to go on our site and see a bunch of brake parts. Especially to a non-car enthusiast person, that could look really scary."

Featuring community-led content on-site and on social media furthers the brand’s values of self-assembly and brake installation being a venture that anyone can take on. PowerStop uses Emplifi to educate and inspire by proudly showcasing customer stories, with UGC galleries ultimately driving a 2X increase in time spent on-site.

"UGC is really great at building a community and making it feel very inclusive for people that might be new to working on their own vehicle."

PowerStop continues to take advantage of Emplifi’s growing content capabilities, with an emphasis on TikTok, brand discovery, and content growth.

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