Customer Success: Volaris

Volaris takes flight with Emplifi: Enhancing customer relations and content strategy

How Volaris improved customer sentiment and content performance with Emplifi's social media management solutions

The challenge

Volaris is the leading ultra-low-cost airline based in Mexico, which operates throughout Mexico, the United States, Central and South America. Their mission is to make air travel accessible to everyone, democratizing the industry.

Even though Volaris has rocked it for the past 17 years, becoming one of the top airlines with over 30 million passengers a year and almost 15 million first-time fliers since 2006, they're now up against a bigger challenge. The more passengers they serve, the higher the bar gets in meeting their ever-growing demands.

The air transportation industry is highly complex, and the quality of service is often heavily dependent on external factors, such as weather and airport services. These factors can greatly affect passengers' experience during important moments, such as traveling for vacation, attending a crucial meeting, or visiting a long-lost relative.

Thus, Volaris’ biggest challenge was balancing the "love and hate" relationship with their customers, especially when it came to managing negative feedback and public complaints on social media platforms. This became even more challenging as they expanded their reach to four regions across four different digital platforms.

In addition to managing customer complaints, Volaris had to manage content strategy, approvals workflow, and benchmark their performance against competitors in the industry.

The solution

In the face of those challenges, Volaris turned to Emplifi to help manage their content management process on social media and get a handle on their relationship with customers online. 

Using Emplifi allows Volaris to track relevant metrics for their content strategy and ensure they’re on track to achieve their goals. The platform provides useful insights and opportunities for Volaris to improve their content performance along with making their content management and approval workflow more efficient.

The results

Volaris was able to improve their positive sentiment by 7% in their user-generated content (UGC) compared to the growing negative sentiment trend of their main competitor.

Furthermore, their optimization of content management workflows led to them becoming the second-most-popular airline brand in Mexico and the USA in 2022, according to Emplifi data looking at the total number of shares and love reactions they're getting on Facebook. This is also relevant since the airline is the Latin-American carrier serving more routes in the USA.

When we asked Juan Pablo Ganem what Emplifi’s #1 impact has been, he said:

"Emplifi has helped us constantly discover insights on how to improve our organic impact and how to mix our paid strategy in all our regions and platforms. Moreover, Emplifi has made our content management and approvals workflow more efficient, improving the turnaround times."

The available dashboards with almost real-time information helped Volaris measure the impact of their communication and analyze and compare their performance to competitors. This allowed them to quickly pivot their content strategy to constantly enhance their performance.

Moving forward, Volaris aims to strengthen the trust of its existing customers and earn the trust of those who do not fly (yet). Emplifi will play a vital role in this journey by allowing Volaris to quickly recognize what their 200 million customers think about them, their content services, and competitors. It will also help them find learnings and pivot to enhance their content strategy.

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