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Farrow & Ball paints customer stories through Emplifi UGC

“Emplifi helps us to showcase our customers’ creativity and brings a high variety of authentic UGC that we can share to showcase a greater range of homes and styles." — Luke Williams, Digital Marketing Manager at Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball has provided customers worldwide with paint palettes and handcrafted wallpapers since 1946. With passionate customers already sharing online how they designed their homes with Farrow & Ball products, the brand’s team needed an efficient solution to manage and publish UGC. Farrow & Ball researched four platforms, and Emplifi came out the winner.

Inspiration serving both brand and community

To drive interior design inspiration, the brand uses Emplifi's shoppable gallery badge feature and widget customization. This allows site visitors to filter its galleries by room, color, style, and product, and shop directly from other customers’ UGC. Farrow & Ball now has 51 active UGC widgets, including product pages, inspiration galleries, and blog articles.

Emplifi's API allows Farrow & Ball to build custom, eye-catching product page UGC displays featuring specific products. The page below highlights a bold orange paint color on the product information section and through customer content.

"Whenever we share UGC on our social channels, it always performs well. People want to see a variety of homes that they can relate to or pull inspiration from."

Farrow & Ball also encourages its audience to browse images of real homes featuring its products via the brand’s emails and social media channels.

"We have a process that entails multiple teams working together. With our social media team, we are able to pull inspiration from UGC as we are constantly learning what works and what doesn’t. From there, we feed that back to our creative team. Emplifi helps us move this cycle along smoothly."

Streamlining content management across four regions

Based in Britain and also serving France, Germany, and North America, the Farrow & Ball team regularly manages a large volume of UGC. Emplifi lets Farrow & Ball easily curate high-quality UGC while maintaining brand style in the content it publishes across these regions.

"We have all four of our countries’ product catalogs come in, so it was great that we were able to aggregate those together. Emplifi allowed us to take our themes and replicate, replace, and convert them back across all four regions. This was really helpful because, with other tools, you would have to repeat that process 4 different times. Emplifi made this very simple for us."

Dynamic creator content and influencer management

Farrow & Ball uses Emplifi to the fullest — managing influencer campaigns and relationships within the platform, and measuring success metrics for each individual partnership.

"Through Emplifi, we are able to look for the biggest influencers and the most-liked content. Emplifi gave us a great problem to have: a vast amount of content to choose from."

Emplifi also offers the Farrow & Ball team an avenue to connect with influencers who match its brand values and have influence over its target audience. Using influencer discovery, Farrow & Ball can filter by influencers with specific engagement rates, follower counts, and other qualities like location to find the perfect fit.

"With the Emplifi influencer CRM, our social media and press teams reach out to influencers they may not have found in the past, send goods for upcoming campaigns, and have the ability to work on numerous types of projects with them"

At Emplifi, we know building community goes beyond just accessing your customers’ UGC. Farrow & Ball values our platform’s robust capabilities in content collection and curation, but also in customizability and influencer marketing.

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