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MBX celebrates a diverse fanbase with UGC

"Emplifi essentially powers our library and archive of every single thing that’s been posted on the internet from our community. And all of that content is easily searchable thanks to Emplifi’s image recognition." — Bryanna Hawes, Social Media Manager at MBX

Cosmetics brand MBX (formerly Memebox) strives to build community through marketing and consistently improving the product selection of its six brands: Kaja, I’m Meme, Pony Effect, Nooni, Otzi, and I Dew Care. To celebrate its diverse customer base and organize the user-generated content shared by its community daily, MBX began using Emplifi.

‍UGC as relatable, community-driven content

MBX’s various makeup brands each maintain a unique style and personality, reflected through the beauty looks its fans create and share on social media. MBX’s team aims to provide an element of relatability and trust with the content it shares on-site and on social media, citing UGC as a valuable asset to do so.

"We like to curate UGC that we feel will resonate with our audience from an engagement perspective. Diversity is always at the forefront of everything we do. We aim to have diverse faces on both our websites and social feeds."

Customers who interacted with Emplifi-powered UGC were 271% more likely to return to MBX’s site. Additionally, MBX saw a 143% increase in time spent on-site for visitors interacting with UGC.

"People love to see like-minded and relatable people in our campaigns. There’s no better way to do that than to tap into the community that is actually using our product!"

Efficient workflow and content management

Collecting over 114,000 pieces of earned media with Emplifi in less than one year, MBX’s team appreciates Emplifi’s flexibility, customer support, and user-friendly interface to manage a high volume of content with ease.

"I truly adore Emplifi because as a social media manager, it’s nice to have some help sifting through the content from our audience. The platform truly benefits our efficiency, especially when it comes to categorizing, saving, and archiving content."

Emplifi-powered UGC generated an 11% increase in average order value for MBX, and the brand’s team appreciates the ability to streamline content permissioning and publication to share more UGC, quickly and easily.

"Emplifi has really helped my team and I become more efficient in our workflow. We were looking for an amazing tool that can house all our UGC and feel that Emplifi is truly the best platform on the market for UGC."

The MBX team looks forward to features and updates to the Emplifi platform that will continue to give their fans a top-notch, community-driven customer experience.

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