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Switzerland Tourism finds the key to resonating travel content

How the tourism brand develops an effective social media strategy, in four steps

Switzerland Tourism is dedicated to inspiring their more than 3.5 million fans and followers by showcasing the unique nature of one of the most spectacular destinations on the earth.

The tourism industry is one of the most competitive and well-presented sectors all across social media, giving excellent audience reach opportunities but, at the same time challenging media teams to work to the very best of their abilities.

"Social media is playing an important role in tourism marketing, and it has a direct impact on travel-related decisions before and during a stay," said Dominic Stöcklin the Head of Social Media.

Gaining the spotlight in the oversaturated media landscape is a major challenge for any travel-related brand or business. Switzerland Tourism attributes their success to a strong regional content strategy, backed by smooth team collaboration and transparency internally. After having tried several social media marketing platforms, they selected the settled for Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud as their one-stop solution for all their activities.

"Emplifi increased our efficiency and effectiveness through all social media-related activities," said Dominic Stöcklin, Social Media Leader at Switzerland Tourism. "The all-in-one solution gives us the possibility to publish content, interact with our communities, get insights, and report our activities."

Generating great content

Switzerland Tourism produces high-quality, regionally-focused content on a large scale. Every region has its own specifics, including the best publishing time, copy localization, and influencers collaboration. Using Emplifi, Switzerland Tourism can bridge the gaps between regional teams and simplify the content generation process.

  • Multiplatform publishing allows the team to publish their content flawlessly and easily, and adapt it to regional needs or platform requirements with little to no effort.

  • Influencer search and analytics help Switzerland Tourism find the best influencer match for their local campaigns and evaluate the results quickly.

Building a dedicated community

Nurturing both the wider community along with devoted travel advocates is crucial for Switzerland Tourism. By using Emplifi Community, they can ensure that all followers receive well-deserved attention and care. 

"Emplifi is our main platform to communicate with over 3.5 million fans and followers,” said Stöcklin. “The platform is great to manage communities in bigger teams.”

Benchmarking performance

A thorough analysis of their best-performing content allows Switzerland Tourism to evaluate results from multiple angles while constantly improving the quality of their content.

"With Emplifi we have a better understanding of our content's performance and see what really works - in specific markets and globally," said Stöcklin.

Deep content analysis allowed Switzerland Tourism to improve their main KPIs and create resonating messages that their audience loves.

Note: A+/A graded content refers to the Emplifi content grading system. It indicates content pieces that are performing better than 90% of all page posts and that are highly recommended for post promotion

Reporting on success

Customized dashboards, automatic reporting, and Emplifi open API allows Switzerland Tourism to create an effective reporting system for in-depth analysis for regional marketing managers. Visualization of key performance metrics is also highly important for upper management, who need a more holistic understanding of Switzerland Tourism's social media performance.

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