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Trollbeads creates a data-driven content and community strategy with Emplifi

"I don't think we could do without Emplifi in terms of inspiring our customers on how to actually use our products. We have so many devoted customers and Instagram influencers who are so awesome at taking pretty pictures, so it would be a shame not to utilize these pictures." – Lisa Claire Mindegaard Uhrenholt, SoMe & Digital Campaign Manager, Trollbeads

Creativity, community, and content combine harmonically for brand Trollbeads, a Copenhagen-based jewelry company that empowers customers to create custom collectible jewelry. With all of the creative combinations and diverse styles of Trollbeads, UGC became a necessity to inspire new customers. But Trollbeads needed a solution that would also account for their multinational audience to create a seamless experience for all site visitors. To provide the best possible UGC experience, Trollbeads turned to Emplifi.

Inspiration leading to results

Since Trollbeads are highly customizable, customers often look to each other for inspiration. With UGC the Trollbeads team is able to scale this community to all digital channels across multiple geographies. This strategy resonates well with its target audience and provides a fresh content experience for current customers and new fans.

"With Emplifi, we're able to inspire our customers, especially new customers, and also fans. They love seeing their pictures on the site, and they applaud each other on Facebook and Instagram."

With Emplifi, the Trollbeads team saw a 31% increase in time spent on site. Customers were engaging not just on social channels but on PDPs and inspiration galleries.

Product tagging for increased AOV

One of the factors that differentiate Trollbeads from other brands is how unique each jewelry piece, and in turn, UGC, can be. But making sure each unique product in the UGC featured is shoppable can be tricky to manage manually. With Emplifi, the Trollbeads team is able to match each product in UGC with the Trollbeads product catalog, making tagging easy and effective for driving more conversions.

By doing this with Emplifi, the Trollbeads team saw a 12% increase in average order value. By making all content highly actionable, Trollbeads drives a measurable lift in sales.

Full-funnel impact for the future

UGC has a noticeable impact on every phase of the customer journey for Trollbeads. From brand discovery on social media, all the way to post-purchase engagement, fans of the brand resonate unequivocally with UGC.

"UGC impacts all of the KPI’s we’re measuring. From engagement on Instagram to click-through rate on email. When I post UGC images on our official Instagram, they gain a higher engagement rate than normal posts."

By highlighting community and inspiring customers with images of real customers, Trollbeads has built an incredible community-driven brand and effectively shaped their marketing to perfectly intersect content, community, and commerce.

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