Emplifi Quarterly Product Momentum Q4 2023

Emplifi releases product innovations for the holiday season; ahead of 2024 commerce technology assessments

Brands are well equipped to close out the year and prepare for 2024, with technology advancements that connect them with the modern consumer across digital and social channels

New York, October 31, 2023 – Emplifi, a leading unified customer engagement platform, announced its Fall '23 product innovations for the holiday season and in advance of brands assessing commerce technology for the upcoming year. Enhancements include influencer marketing power workflows, advancements in user generated content, and ratings and reviews for social proof that enable brands to connect with, convert, and care for the modern consumer across digital and social channels.

"We continue to take bold strides to unify marketing, commerce, and care," said Emplifi CTO Todd McCaslin. "We are excited to unveil our groundbreaking influencer power workflows and analytics, backed by Emplifi's vast database of 35 million influencers. It's more than just offering tools – it is about reshaping the way brands connect with the modern consumer in this dynamic digital landscape."

End-to-end influencer workflows

Emplifi Influencers is a marketing platform that provides control and insights over influencer marketing campaigns, from the discovery stage to performance analysis. Recent new features include:

  • Leveraging Emplifi's GDPR-compliant database of 35 million influencers to build brand awareness and reach the right audience. The CRM database for influencers helps to establish and maintain lasting relationships and value-driven partnerships.

  • AI-powered influencer analysis to scale campaigns, better enabling brands to understand individual influencer performance.

  • Integrated campaign management with influencer ranking, internal notes, and custom validation stages for faster approvals.

  • Powerful reporting to measure engagement, clicks, and direct sales at every stage, as well as calculating ROI to double down on effective campaigns.

Unified and enterprise-grade UGC features

Robust user-generated content for commerce has long boasted more sources to increase engagement, drive eCommerce, and allow brands to connect with greater authenticity. 

Emplifi UGC connects a brand's library of approved ready-to-use UGC content with AI Composer and Emplifi Publisher, which frees up time for teams to strategize and focus on campaigns. Uploader enhancements provide brands AI-powered suggestions from their product catalog, and on-site collections such as crowdsourced product tagging add flexibility and improve time-to-value.

"Creators are the new 'publishers' in your media plan," said Kelsey Chickering, Forrester Senior Analyst. "Creator marketing is a discipline that requires a centralized strategy that connects with other owned, earned, and paid channels."

"The creator economy is more important than ever for brands trying to stand out in a competitive marketplace, scale operations, and improve time-to-value," adds McCaslin. "Emplifi's tools help brands increase authenticity by leveraging the voice of their consumers. Our clients have seen a 4x increase in UGC engagement and a 19% increase in conversions. It's about genuine connections, amplified engagement, and tapping into a vast library of brand-ready user-generated content."

Social Care expands advanced case routing is a game-changer for agents

Emplifi Care helps brands address customer concerns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and X (formerly known as Twitter). New product features improve agent efficiency and boost customer experience, including: 

  • Real-time notifications to keep agents and supervisors informed of impending SLA breaches, promoting proactive action and accountability.

  • Streamlined permissioning and adaptive case assignments to leverage each team's unique skills, workloads, and availability to enhance overall performance.

  • Advanced automation and intelligent case routing that trigger multiple actions with a single click, or field updates to eliminate repetitive tasks.

  • Agile sentiment adjustments based on case outcomes for more accurate customer support analysis.

  • Enhanced CSAT integrated insights that improve service quality by leveraging real-time Emplifi Voice of the Customer data.

Seamless escalation between marketing and customer service teams

Marketing and customer service teams can work within one unified platform. This gives both teams visibility of the conversation, activity, and case status, while removing silos, improving service and reducing case handling times.

Marketing teams can escalate messages to the service team directly from Emplifi Community and Emplifi Care into Emplfi Agent.

Emplifi Agent is used by customer service teams that need complete case management, advanced workflow, and built-in fulfillment capabilities. Recent enhancements include:

  • Simplified maintenance of key features, including the ability to tailor screen layouts based on the specific needs of the organization.

  • Integration with enterprise identity management services via System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM).

  • Improvements to reporting that "normalizes" customer feedback based on product/location history, allowing product quality and field service teams to identify and focus on top performers or potential resolution areas. 

  • Emplifi Knowledge, the foundation for knowledge management workflows with Emplifi Agent, has also been updated to display tailored responses without having to switch screens, change apps, or refer to binders. As well as live collaborative editing and internal commenting amongst teams, the new update includes version control for responses and proofreading across 27 languages.

"We made a commitment earlier this year for revolutionary advancements that give brands the necessary tools to engage with the modern consumer, and we're proud of what we've delivered – particularly in time for when businesses will be assessing their commerce technology for the year ahead," concludes McCaslin.

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About Emplifi 

Emplifi is a leading unified customer engagement platform that empowers businesses to reach and grow communities through digital- and social-first strategies. More than 20,000 brands like McDonald's, Ford Motor Company, and Delta Air Lines rely on Emplifi to enable connected, empathetic experiences for the modern consumer across marketing, commerce, and care. Headquartered in New York, Emplifi partners with major social media networks and digital platforms, including Google, Meta, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat.

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