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Emplifi Reveals “Personal Interest In The Brand” Is Top Factor for Influencers When Selecting a Brand To Collaborate With

Pixlee TurnTo, an Emplifi company, surveyed influencers on a broad range of topics including payment terms, campaign involvement preferences, actual product use, and the importance of shared values.

New York, December 12, 2022 - Emplifi, the leading unified customer experience (CX) platform, announced today its 2022 Influencer Trends Report in collaboration with Pixlee TurnTo, offering key insights on the influencer-brand relationship. Based on a Creator Network influencer survey, the report highlights a number of key influencer marketing trends, including the social platforms where influencers are most active, influencer posting frequencies, preferred payment terms, and more. 

According to the report findings, 90% of influencers are active on Instagram and 66% on TikTok, but only 4% of the influencers look to Twitter or Pinterest as a platform for potential brand partnerships. 30% of the influencers surveyed said they share sponsored posts daily and 45% on a weekly basis. More than 90% of the influencers surveyed claimed they have brand relationships across multiple niches, with 93% posting sponsored content from a variety of brands and product categories. 

Insider Intelligence analysts report influencer marketing is among the “better-growing” digital marketing tactics, with Instagram earning the bulk of influencer marketing spend at $2.23 billion in 2022 (TikTok is third behind YouTube in influencer marketing spend, but is expected to pass the video platform in the next two years.) Currently, 74.5% of marketers invest in influencer marketing but that number is forecasted to reach 88.7% by 2026. 

“Consumers crave authenticity. Studies show shoppers are more likely to support brands that they can connect with on a personal level. Influencer marketing campaigns enable marketers to do just that, giving brands the opportunity to immediately connect with their audience by delivering relatable content from a trusted source,” said Emplifi Chief Strategy Officer, Kyle Wong. “Our Influencer Trends Report gives brands the insights they need to build long-term relationships with influencers who can help boost engagement across social channels.” 

Key findings from Emplifi’s Pixlee TurnTo 2022 Influencer Trends Report: 

  • 36% of influencers leverage influencer platforms and networks to find brand collaboration opportunities

  • 80% of influencers regularly use products from the brands they promote

  • Budget is the third most important factor for influencers when choosing which brands to collaborate with, behind “personal interest in the brand” and “shared values”

  • 60% of influencers report views and impressions are their most important social media engagement metric

  • 58% of influencers actively work with brands to design content strategies

In addition to the survey findings, Pixlee Turnto’s 2022 Influencer Trends Report offers a high-level overview of influencer marketing campaign strategies, defining the different types of influencers and outlining the connection between platforms and software, brands, and creators. 

The report also includes commentary from popular influencers, highlighting what they love about the brands they promote, including this response from @RitualWerk: “The brands I love and promote are ones that believe in doing good, giving back, and being sustainable.”

“Influencer marketing is becoming more important as brands look for new ways to engage consumers using diverse, and authentic content. Gone are the days of putting 100% of your influencer marketing budget behind well-known celebs with millions of followers. Savvy brands are building relationships with micro-influencers in niche markets who can help expand the brand’s reach and promote products to all new followers,” said Emplifi Chief Marketing Officer Zarnaz Arlia. “The challenge is discovering which influencers represent the audiences you most want to connect with. Brands need influencer marketing platforms to build relationships with key influencers and go deeper into their influencer marketing strategies.” 

The publication of Pixlee Turnto’s 2022 Influencer Marketing Trends Report comes on the heels of Emplifi’s acquisition of Pixlee TurnTo. The full report can be downloaded at: “2022 Influencer Trends Report.” 

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