As coders here, our responsibility is to maintain quality of CSS code and help developers and designers to achieve a good looking and efficient product. Our reach of work is wide, so you could be polishing components as a designer requested one day and end up with refactoring legacy code on the other side of the app the other day.

Essential thing is that you’ll always be in contact with various people from many teams maintaining the app, as you will help them to write more efficient styles, or you’ll perhaps need their help to adjust some components a little more to better fit your styling needs.

What’s nice about this work is the amount of flexibility you get. Experienced coder should be able to decide which requests and challenges will receive the biggest priority most times. There are always a lot of good ideas coming from designers, developers and other stakeholders and it will be up to you to make it a reality.


What You'll Bring To Us:

  • Advanced knowledge of CSS (good practices, modern approaches like CSS Grid and Flexbox)
  • Familiarity with LESS and SASS preprocessors
  • Basic knowledge of email coding
  • Good communication skills
  • English language on a communication level
  • Sense of order, self-organization
  • React, especially in context with CSS modules
  • Basics of JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Be familiar with npm environment

What is Good to Know:

  • Webpack
  • Git

About Us: 

  • Our work language is English
  • We put a strong emphasis on collaboration and communication

How we Learn & Relax

  • Internal tech talks, Udemy courses, Frontend masters and workshops
  • Meetups & conferences
  • Czech and English language courses
  • Hackathons
  • Office as a benefit (we don’t force you to attend our barbecue parties)
Brno, Pilsen, Prague
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