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Banco del Pacífico SA cashes in on improved social media strategy

Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud guides intelligent decisions, resulting in better performance

Founded in 1972, Banco del Pacífico SA is dedicated to providing financial services to individuals and businesses segments, as well as support services for foreign trade and investment. The company also has branches in Miami and Panama, operated by other group members such as Almagro and Pacific Card.

Building brand awareness to reach 178K users per post

In 2019, Banco del Pacífico SA wanted to establish itself as a leader in the industry and become the most trusted and leading bank in the LATAM region. In order to do so, they had to transform all their traditional assets into digital formats to align with new social media strategies. Their main goal was to increase brand awareness and determine what content resonated most with their audience.

Using Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud, they were able to track content performance. As a result, they increased their brand awareness to 177.9K users per post.

"Emplifi showed us the importance of video content to increase our metrics," said Carlos Coloma, Digital Marketing Analyst, Banco del Pacífico SA. "We sustained a 43% retention rate by the first half of the video and reached up to 6.95K users informing about credits in one video of 16 seconds long."

Improving engagement to 1.6K interactions

In 2020, to improve their content strategy further, the Banco del Pacífico SA team focused on engaging with their community. They combined organic and promoted content, which allowed them to increase the interactions by 12%, and gain 1.6K interactions per 1K followers.

For example, their #CréditoReactívateEcuador campaign boosted their engagement, generating 25.9K average interactions per Facebook video. The campaign resonated most with their primary audience: Ecuadorian men aged 25–34-year-old. As a result, they increased total video views by 285.9 times and maintained a 35% retention rate through the first half of the video.

Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud helped them improve their processes and increase efficiency. "Using Emplifi, we are able to schedule and publish posts on multiple platforms from one place while the AI insights tell us the best time to publish," said Carlos. "Emplifi's content grading and post boosting recommendations helped us make smarter decisions, leading to better performance."

With Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud, Banco del Pacífico SA can manage, publish, and analyze their content in one location, which has streamlined their content management workflows. Emplifi also provides engagement metrics so they can see which content is resonating most with their audience.

Data-driven insights increase efficiency by 2.75 times

In 2021, Banco del Pacífico SA wanted to focus on improving efficiency while optimizing high-quality content. With Emplifi's AI-powered content grading, they determined which posts connected with their audiences, allowing them to promote only the best content.

"Emplifi helped us sharpen our social media strategy so we could intelligently allocate our resources and invest in high-quality content," added Carlos. "As a result, we became 2.75 times more efficient with our promoted posts year over year."

With Emplifi's data-driven content analysis for their owned, earned, and paid media, Banco Del Pacífico SA was able to see that self-service centers and digital banking were the most relevant content pillars for their followers. This insight led to their top qualified content pieces earning more interactions, shares, comments, and reactions.

Listening to improve customer care

In 2022, Banco del Pacífico SA is focused on improving customer experience and care. Fraud is one of the main challenges in the financial industry, and it can generate a lot of complaints on social media. Using Emplifi's social listening tools and AI sentiment analysis on all incoming posts and conversations enables Banco del Pacífico SA to detect negative comments and react to them quickly. And they are able to provide engaging and empathetic social experiences and responses. By decreasing the number of comments and response time, they can improve customer sentiment and brand perception.

"Thanks to listening we have been able to overcome the challenges of detecting and answering negative comments in the most effective, agile, and correct way and solve them on time before further escalation," added Carlos.

Bigger audience, better content, and enhanced brand perception

With the Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud, Banco del Pacífico SA has refined their social media strategy to build brand awareness, increase engagement, and gain efficiencies. Moving forward, they remain focused on engagement efforts to improve the customer experience.

"After three years of increasing our social media audience and improving the content quality, we can say that the moment to guarantee a great brand perception in the audience, consolidate our relationship, and even upgrade our CX services has come," said Carlos.

Are you looking to improve your social media content quality and customer care? If you'd like help sharpening your social media strategy, schedule a demo of Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud today.

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