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Miele amplifies its global social media strategy with Emplifi

Powerful platform generates visibility and knowledge building

For 120 years, Miele has been synonymous with high-quality domestic appliances and commercial machines and is regarded as the epitome of reliable and long-lasting products. Miele aims to continuously delight its customers with unparalleled quality, innovative technology, perfect results, and timeless elegance, while also playing a pioneering role in energy efficiency and environmental protection. Its “Immer Besser” philosophy (“Forever Better”), the precedent set by the company founders, sums it up.

As an innovation leader, Miele always strives to be ahead of the market – no matter how fast the world changes. That is why Miele has launched a global Digital Sales and Marketing Hub - Miele X, based in Amsterdam, where cross-functional teams in digital marketing, e-commerce, analytics, and IT work closely together to deliver a delightful consumer experience in the digital world.

Setting out social media objectives

Miele wants to establish a framework for consistent social media activity, tracking, and measurement globally. As a premium brand that monitors 250 profiles across 50 countries, Miele requires a consistent visual approach, while considering the cultural differences across a global network. It also needs to allow the business to keep track of activity and engagement with its audiences and enable local Miele teams, with 200+ users, to learn more about social media and improve their results in the process. To deliver this, Miele X turned to Emplifi.

"Our team had a goal to lay down the social media framework within Miele from a strategic and an infrastructure perspective," explained Mattia Tonolo, Digital & Marketing Expert at Miele X.

"In line with our 'Immer Besser' philosophy of striving for constant improvement, we want to monitor the performances we are achieving, always improving our results and offering expertise to our subsidiaries on digital, including social media marketing. That’s where Emplifi comes in, in terms of tools and tracking and they’ve also become a valuable partner when it comes to enabling our local teams."

Global overview of markets’ performance

Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud helps all the Miele markets across the world come together in one tool to share content and best practices. The Miele X Team in Amsterdam now has a total overview of all markets’ performance, and local teams have unified their social media activities, such as posting content and replying to comments, in one tool.

"It’s a very extensive tool," explained Mattia. "We started onboarding with very easy-to-do tasks so we could notice from the tracking how the local market teams are using the tool. We are really pleased with the results of our focus on training and support."

Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud is a 360-degree tool to manage and analyze presence on social media, covering the main social channels – including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Emplifi allows Miele to analyze and track their activity.

Miele uses the Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud as a publishing tool to schedule posts and also analyzes how the community is interacting with the content and tracks relevant KPIs. "With Emplifi, Miele can easily see from one single place what is happening in terms of content and comments as well as sentiment ratio – on a global as well on a local level," said Mattia. "One of the strongest capabilities of Emplifi is the extensive Dashboard."

Using the Dashboard, Miele X has created a global dashboard template. By sharing it with the local market teams and customizing it with their local sources, it enables them to effectively track performance. This is an easy way they can digest and edit the information, be able to share it with their senior managers, and make decisions based on all this information. Miele X has 81 connected ad accounts and has created 281 dashboards. Additionally, 2,200 posts have been scheduled and more than 1,500 labels have been applied to make the analysis of campaigns more thorough.

Miele's global approach — Global network, local content

Miele uses the Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud to deliver a large proportion of their global content, while also supporting relevance locally. Emplifi makes it very easy for Miele’s local teams to retrieve the content they want to use from a central platform and as it’s an integrated asset management system as well. The Miele global team uploads all the assets for local markets ready to utilize and publish immediately.

Increased visibility and knowledge building

Miele is seeing results in terms of visibility and knowledge building, "It’s not just about media effectiveness, it’s about understanding how the community is responding to our activity, so we track sentiment and review any negative comment to try to improve on them," said Mattia.

Overall, Miele measures success mainly through dashboards. For example, for Instagram, they analyze their engagement rate and impressions that the market can generate. For Facebook, they measure some important metrics like CPM and the engagement rate. They review data monthly and even daily, if necessary.

"We are improving dramatically with social media," added Mattia. "When I consider the main goals we had set, a tool like Emplifi grants you a fast track to improving social media knowledge in all the markets, because we are offering a very simple process to visualize results in a very clever and simple way, and Emplifi is helping us to upskill local teams."

The takeaway

Emplifi is helping the Miele team create a new digital heritage for one of the world’s most iconic brands. Miele wishes to continue the adoption globally to have all markets using Emplifi. They also consider it essential to have a standardized approach when it comes to reviewing results and tracking the right KPIs. In addition to this, the premium brand also wants to continuously grow knowledge about social media and how to apply new functionalities best, to help the cross-regional teams become subject matter experts in this field.

Do you need help aligning your global brand’s social media content? If you’d like help streamlining your content publishing and analyzing processes, schedule a demo with an Emplifi expert today.

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