Emplifi CX Index

New Emplifi CX Index helps brands measure social media marketing and social customer care efforts

Benchmark study provides brands with performance metrics across social media channels, industries and regions, to help measure and improve their CX strategy.

New York, 5 October 2022 — Emplifi, a leading unified customer experience platform, today announces the launch of the Emplifi CX Index, a benchmarking study that details social media marketing and social customer care performance trends, as well as provides a customized program for brands to obtain their own unique CX scores.

"Social media is now the central nervous system of many brands, it’s a key channel for communicating and engaging with audiences, and a vital part of the marketing mix," said Emplifi CEO Mark Zablan. "Social customer care is also critical, with the platforms evolving to become the go-to channel for customers asking questions and seeking support from brands."

The Emplifi CX Index enables brands to better understand social media marketing and social customer care efforts from industry peers, and across regional and global categories. It also highlights Emplifi’s predictions for future trends and summary observations. The index is a valuable tool for C-suite personnel planning the brand’s business direction and for marketing practitioners implementing and executing a social media strategy.

"We’re excited about our new offering which is an additional tool available for all organizations around the world. The aim is to help brands identify gaps in their social strategy so they can amplify the right experiences for customers," said Zablan.

Data for the Emplifi CX Index is collected from publicly available social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Brands interested in the personalized report can provide their social media profile links via the Emplifi CX Index web tool; an Emplifi CX expert then provides a benchmark report summarizing findings for social marketing performance, social customer care performance, and an overall CX score.

Emplifi CX Index Methodology

The CX benchmark score weighs multiple metrics across social media marketing performance and social customer care across global businesses and brands over a 90-day period.  

About Emplifi

Emplifi is the leading unified CX platform that brings marketing, commerce, and, care together to help businesses close the customer experience gap. More than 7,800 brands, including Delta Air Lines, Ford Motor Company, and McDonald's, rely on Emplifi to provide their customers with outstanding experiences at every touchpoint. For more information, visit www.emplifi.io.

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