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Emplifi Offers NGOs Providing Aid to Ukraine Free Access to its Social Marketing Cloud

NGOs providing aid to Ukraine will be eligible for free access to Emplifi’s Social Marketing Cloud to help them provide vital and timely information to their communities during the humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine.

New York, March 1, 2022 Emplifi, the leading unified customer experience platform, today announced that it is supporting non-government organizations (NGOs) providing aid to Ukraine, by providing free access to its Social Media Marketing Cloud. The initiative is intended to enable humanitarian organizations to better communicate with their audience and make it faster and easier to collaborate, plan, create and publish critical social media content.

"In times of crisis, effective communication focused on timely responses and accurate information is key, but that’s often easier said than done," said Mark Zablan, CEO, Emplifi. "It’s our hope that we can help teams, who are working around the clock to provide vital and timely information with the tools they need to better collaborate, plan, and reach those directly impacted as the events unfold."

Because of its reach and scale, social media has become a crucial tool for keeping people informed and updated during a crisis. Emplifi’s Social Marketing Cloud includes a central hub that NGOs can use to manage all of their social media operations. It also has sophisticated community management tools to help them inform and update their online communities as well as efficiently process incoming queries.

NGOs are encouraged to contact Emplifi directly at to begin their use of the Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud.

The service is effective until September 2022 for the Emplifi Smart package with 5 Pages, for qualified NGOs and regions.

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