Emplifi - Finance Influencers Footprint Growing

Finance Influencers Footprint Growing: Posting 2x More on Instagram and 5x More on YouTube vs All Other Influencers

After performing a deep dive into influencer growth and engagement on YouTube and Instagram, Emplifi found that finance influencers are publishing more content – and gaining more traction

New York, October 20, 2022 - Emplifi, the leading customer experience platform, today released social data highlighting a significant rise in growth and activity for finance influencers on Instagram and YouTube between January and August, 2022. According to Emplifi’s social insights, finance influencers published more than five times as many videos on YouTube and gained nearly double the number of subscribers compared to other influencers on the platform. Finance influencers on Instagram experienced similar growth, gaining more followers than all other influencers and publishing more than double the number of posts as other influencers. 

"The primary takeaway from our research is that finance influencers are experiencing a substantial rise in popularity. The amount of content they are producing is outpacing all other influencers, which is likely helping drive exponential audience growth," said Zarnaz Arlia, Chief Marketing Officer, Emplifi. 

As part of its analysis, Emplifi looked at finance influencer subscriber growth on YouTube and follower growth on Instagram, breaking down median growth rate by the influencer’s account size. Emplifi also looked at the number of videos and posts published by finance influencers on YouTube and Instagram and engagement numbers so far this year, comparing finance influencer data to all other influencers on the respective platforms. 

Finance influencers take the lead on YouTube

According to Emplifi’s data, finance influencers on YouTube experienced nearly an 8% median growth rate between January and August, 2022 while all other influencers had less than a 4% median growth rate. When looking at median growth by channel size, finance micro-influencers (XS = under 10,000 subscribers) had triple the growth rate of other micro-influencers. 

The number of videos published by finance influencers on YouTube was vastly greater than the number of videos published by other influencers. This was true across the board, regardless of account size. Finance influencers with 10,000 or less subscribers posted more than double the number of videos compared to other influencers with the same subscriber numbers. Between January and August, 2022, the median number of videos published by finance influencers with a million or more subscribers quadrupled the number of videos published by other macro-influencers. 

More importantly, finance influencers received significantly more median video views compared to other influencers every quarter so far this year: 

Instagram sees surge in posts published by finance influencers

Same as YouTube, finance influencers on Instagram are experiencing tremendous growth compared to other influencers on the platform, with median growth rates considerably higher for finance influencers compared to influencers outside of the financial space. This is true across all influencer account sizes – from influencers with less than 10,000 followers to those with a million or more followers. 

Instagram finance influencers are also publishing more than double the number of posts other influencers are publishing on the platform. Finance influencers with a million or more followers are publishing as much as three to four-times the number of posts as other influencers with the same number of followers. 

While finance influencers are posting considerably more content than other influencers on Instagram, non-finance influencers garnered more median post interactions than finance influencers every quarter so far this year. 

According to eMarketer, 75% of U.S. marketers will leverage influencers in their marketing campaigns this year, up five percentage points over 2021. And it’s not just influencers with a million or more followers entering brand relationships. Gartner reports marketers are paying more attention to micro and nano influencers (influencers with 10,000 or fewer followers).

"For brands in the financial space, our findings underscore the impact the right influencer can have in terms of building deeper connections with consumers and growing the brand’s exposure," said Arlia.  

Marketers are expected to spend $4.14 billion on influencer marketing this year, a small portion of the $240 billion eMarketer expects to be spent on digital advertising overall in 2022. 

About Emplifi

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  • Emplifi's analysis is based on influencer data from 1 January - 22 August, 2022. 

  • On Instagram, a total of 68,977 finance influencers and 3.4 million ‘other’ influencers were analyzed. 

  • To be included in the sample, influencer profiles must be labeled as a business account and have 1,000 or more followers. 

  • Finance influencers were detected through their significant interest level in 'banking', 'personal finance' and ‘economics.' 

  • The same methodology was used for YouTube, with a total of 37,907 ‘finance’ influencers and 820,366 ‘other’ influencers included in the sample. 

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