Get Fit, Have Fun, and Experience Social With Daily Burn

How the health and fitness company grows lasting relationships with members beyond the app

Get fit. Have fun. Repeat. One membership, thousands of different workout videos so you can mix it up every day right from your own home. The Best Fitness Anywhere® Workout Programs designed for you.

This is the promise of Daily Burn, the health and fitness company whose social content brings people together, no matter where they are. Expanding the brand experience beyond the app, Daily Burn sees social media, especially Instagram, as an invaluable meeting place for members, trainers, and the brand alike.

Madison Geery, Senior Marketing Manager & Olivia Petzy, Communications and Content Manager, give a glimpse into the inner workings of the social team and how things have changed in 2020. Using Emplifi’s unified workspace and analytics views has drastically smoothed out their internal operations, allowing teams to concentrate on what makes the difference: leveraging social media as an always-on support system and community.

Create brand experiences members can count on

Daily Burn recognizes that social media plays a huge part in the brand experience. Madison stated,

"When people come to our feed, the content has to be consistent to build brand trust."

2020 has been an interesting challenge to keep some of their most loved content consistent, especially when life has been anything but. “This year, our studio had to shut down, but our daily shows couldn’t. So we shifted our strategy to daily workouts on Instagram Live and IGTV. Social has become such an important retention tool, continuously driving people back into the app.”

For brand experience to really shine, the team relies on data insights to hone their content strategies and make decisions that will hit the mark.

Follow the data, discover the trends

Finding what resonates with audiences can take a lot of digging if you don’t have the right solutions in place. Using Emplifi, the team has systemized data analysis to tune into the health & fitness space on social and make sure they’re not missing the mark.

Madison said,

"What’s been so great is being able to use Emplifi to find user-generated content and see how people are interacting with the app during this remote time. Seeing the breadth of people who use our app on one central content feed has been invaluable. Especially with the growth over the last 8 months, understanding what impact our posts have had and learning about our new audiences coming in – that has been awesome for me."

Beyond catching and leveraging UGC, Daily Burn also uses social media to capture audience feedback and deliver what members want more of.

"By labeling the content of our trainers, we’re able to know which ones members really like. Grouping and analyzing specific content in Emplifi has helped us so much, and drives our strategy more. We now know that we need to feature our trainers and build more content around them. We’re also able to change up our formats, test what works, and optimize off of that."

Exceed expectations, no matter when or where

With gyms and fitness centers closing their doors this year, home fitness gained traction with more people than ever before. And with massive spikes of users to the Daily Burn’s app came massive spikes in user inquiries. Quadruple the responses, in fact.
Olivia shares her take on the influx of communication and the expectations that come with that:

"Social media inquiries have gone through the roof. And our users expect to be able to get in touch with us via any channel at any time. They’re using social media messaging like a live chat. And they do expect a very fast response, which is something we pride ourselves on."

This hasn’t always been easy, Olivia shares:

"Before Emplifi, it was a nightmare to switch from platform to platform. Now that everything is in one community feed – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – it’s like, boom, boom, boom, done. We’ve been able to maintain our notoriously fast response times, even with these spikes."

The uptick of incoming communications and the decrease of response time can be seen in metrics from January 2020 through this fall:

  • Number of Comments: +197%

  • Direct Message Response Time: -98%

  • Question Response Time: -60 minutes

In addition to getting a unified view of incoming communication, the team also improved response times using answer templates for FAQs.

"It used to be incredibly tedious to manually respond to things one by one. With templated answers, we’re so much more efficient."

Change the game with automation

Manual work is a total time sink, no matter the task. Which is why Daily Burn has brought automation into every aspect of their daily scope. Madison said,

"Our jobs are so crazy now. Emplifi is such a time-saver and it’s made my job so much easier. I’m so thankful for that."

Setting up custom reports and dashboards to track and report on engagement ensures Daily Burn is always up-to-date on what’s happening to make their next strategic move.

The data from Emplifi has been a total game changer. I love the analytics and reporting; that’s what sold us on Emplifi over our previous solution. It’s so easy to log in, and have everything just right there. One less thing I have to worry about.

The takeaway

For fitness and wellness companies like Daily Burn, 2020 brought more members, more questions, and more content. And how well they’ve been able to to meet audiences’ expectations along the way will have a lasting positive effect. To ensure your social media presence drives feel-good brand experiences for your audiences, it’s important to consider these questions:

  • Is your social team set up to maintain consistent posting schedules and a cohesive brand voice across touchpoints?

  • Are you able to capture continuous feedback in time to adapt your content strategies to your audiences’ needs and wants?

  • Is your community management system robust enough to handle 24/7 always-on communication?

  • What aspects of your daily work can be automated – FAQs, data collection, reporting – and what still needs the human touch?

If you would like to learn more about how brands like Daily Burn use the Emplifi platform, get started by requesting a demo with one of our experts today.

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