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Streamlined workflows with Emplifi boost Entel’s social media results

Centralizing efforts in the Telecommunications Industry while creating content that resonates

The challenge 

Entel, Chile's largest telecommunications company, was facing challenges in managing their social media projects and execution. They were using multiple tools and platforms to manage their social media efforts, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for them to keep track of what was working and what wasn't. With a need to keep up with the fast-paced digital world, they turned to Emplifi's social marketing cloud

The solution

In order to drive success for Entel, Emplifi deployed a comprehensive approach that began with the constant alignment of its CSM, Aurora, with the Entel team. Aurora's goal was to understand Entel's objectives and to provide the internal team with a clear brief and relevant training on the best workflows to achieve these objectives.

"Entel is always looking to innovate hand in hand with its partners," said Aurora Oliva, ENT Customer Success Manager at Emplifi. "They see Emplifi as a platform that will help them keep up with market trends and new formats, and they will always embrace change and the evolution of marketing with enthusiasm, work with them is a constant learning for me."

Emplifi's monitoring of Entel's usage of the suite allowed for regular check-ins and analysis of performance. During these check-ins, Aurora presented Entel with performance analysis and also highlighted features such as task automation and dashboards, which Entel could leverage to further improve their community performance.

"One of the keys for the success of this partnership was the alignment of objectives and vigilant monitoring for continuous improvement," said Arturo Rayas, Solution Ambassador at Emplifi.

The results

By combining different features from the Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud, Entel recorded astounding results.

  1. Emplifi Analytics: to track and analyze the performance of their social media content. Specifically, labeling their content helps them optimize their campaigns by providing detailed reports on their products and services whenever they need it. They have created a unique content structure with Emplifi’s help to generate these reports. This allows them to track their performance more effectively and see which content was resonating with their audience. Using this information, they were able to propose a strategy for their social media efforts.

  2. Emplifi Publisher: to schedule and organize their content for upcoming campaigns. This included scheduling posts (more than 1,000 in 2022) and creating a content calendar, allowing them to stay on top of their social media efforts and ensure that they were consistently putting out content.

  3. Emplifi Community: to monitor the audience's reaction and engagement. This helped them to understand how their audience was responding to their content and adjust their strategy accordingly. By utilizing pre-built templates, Entel was able to reduce response time by 75% and provide consistent responses to their customers, which helped improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  4. Emplifi Content Hub: to discover inspiring content from any brand, not only from the competition but also from their own past efforts. This helped them to understand what was working well for other brands and apply those insights to their own content strategy, resulting in more engaging and effective content. It also contributed to Entel’s success in increasing brand interaction and audience empathy.

"Emplifi has provided us with the convenience of having all our information in one central location," said Boris Lizana, Social Media Analyst at Entel. "This allows us to stay informed about what our competitors, other companies, and industry leaders worldwide are doing, which helps us to continuously come up with new and relevant content that aligns with the core values of our company. Additionally, it gives us insight into how our audience is responding to the changes we are experiencing."

Entel is now able to keep up with the fast-paced digital world and make a greater impact on their audience through their social media efforts. Now, they can visualize inspiring content, analyze performance, and make results-driven business decisions.

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