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How Grupo Petersen created a deeper connection with its audience

Who is Grupo Petersen?

Grupo Petersen leads the regional banking system in Argentina, ranking among the 10 main players in the country's financial system.

Banco San Juan, Banco Santa Cruz, Banco Santa Fe, and Banco Entre Ríos are all financial agents in their respective provinces leading in private sector deposits and loans.

Grupo Petersen offers financial products and services to individuals and companies through multiple digital channels and an extensive network of branches.


For its four banks, Grupo Petersen sought to create a deeper connection with its audience through social media and reviews by providing their customers with immediate responses to keep them informed at all times.

How did they accomplish this without getting lost in repetitive tasks or missing out on customer requests? 


The answer lies in a combo of Emplifi’s features that Grupo Petersen used effectively.

By strategically deploying Listening, Community, Analytics and Dashboard, and Publisher features, Grupo Petersen boosted response rate and engagement.

"We can manage all our channels from one place. And multiple people from different teams can access and centralize everything."

— Sofia Giordano, Digital Marketing Analyst at Grupo Petersen

When social media usage reached its peak during the pandemic in 2020 and required brands to increase customer interactions, Grupo Petersen maximized its results.

"During the pandemic, we were able to support thousands of inquiries and comments from our clients on social media. Specifically, we handled more than 30,000 inquiries from our clients with a 98% response rate."

— Nicolas Sanin, Digital Marketing Leader at Grupo Petersen

To achieve this goal, Grupo Petersen formed two distinct teams totaling 150 employees to forge a strategic relationship that challenged the traditional "work in silos" approach.

The first team consisted of customer service employees from various bank branches who were knowledgeable about the product and the most frequently asked questions by customers. The second team consisted of social media managers who were experts on the Emplifi suite of solutions. 


This had a huge positive impact on Grupo Petersen's relationship with their audience on social media. The figures speak for themselves:

  • 98% response rate

  • 23% increase in engagement

  • 18% increase in positive sentiment

Grupo Petersen is committed to creating quality content in order to keep their audience engaged and updated on the latest news and trends. This is where Emplifi’s Publisher can help.

"Publisher allows us to have an organized schedule with times and dates of the different publications. Taking into account that we publish in the social media profiles of 4 different banks, Emplifi allows us to have an order, and organize the publication of each one of the banks and the different companies to which we provide assistance to. When we have all the pieces that are going to be published in the different accounts, if we spend 1 day to schedule each publication, it is enough. It makes this job a lot easier for us."

— Sofia Giordano, Digital Marketing Analyst at Grupo Petersen

Finally, to close the engagement loop, Grupo Petersen uses Community Management to monitor customer reviews across the Group's four banks. By implementing this feature, the brand can strategically label comments from customers across various platforms — such as Apple App Store, Google My Business, Reddit, and others — and respond to them promptly.

The team knows exactly when a review is general, when it refers to a specific product, and whether it expresses a negative or positive emotion thanks to the strategic labeling. And, with "LA MANO", a GP dynamic bot assisting the team, no review will fall through the cracks.

According to the contact center team at Grupo Petersen: "Our review work helps banks in a statistical matter and to have information on the needs and complaints of users and make customers feel heard in their reviews and comments. [Emplifi] is a very dynamic platform that greatly speeds up our daily work."

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