Emplifi helps provide meaningful and actionable insights

Intelligent platform presents high-value data, spots trends, and identifies hidden opportunities is an integrated digital marketing agency in Indonesia. With the rapid growth of online marketing, is focused on helping their clients achieve a holistic approach to their marketing strategies. They are proud to be able to provide marketing solutions in all channels and media platforms to their clients. Social media is an important part of any holistic marketing strategy, especially in Indonesia where Instagram, Facebook, and now TikTok are heavily used channels by’s audiences. They understand that it is crucial for brands to be active and engaging where their audiences and potential audiences are. 

"There is a wealth of insights that clients can get about their consumers by following the social media data points, and it is important that brands are willing to listen to the data to connect deeper with their audience," said Arianto Bigman, Managing Director at "We rely on Emplifi to quickly aggregate and present social media data points and insights into actionable and meaningful insights for our clients to help them be data-driven in their strategy and goals."

Listening to data to identify meaningful insights 

Maintaining a constant pulse on industry trends and insights is vital to any business. Manually mining for social media data can be tedious and time-consuming, resulting in low-value data. saved a significant amount of time by using Emplifi's measurement and analytics functionality, which enables continuous listening. The data and insights team can quickly and easily access Emplifi across their client social media pages to discover valuable data, spot trends, and identify hidden opportunities. 

Emplifi saves the team over 240 man-hours spent on data collection for monthly client reports, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives, and higher-value activities with their clients. 

"With Emplifi, we can reduce the time we spend on manual labor-intensive tasks and devote that energy instead to insights and recommended actions based on the data Emplifi provides," added Bigman. "It allows us to support our mission to help our clients be data-driven in their strategy and goals, and to use analytics to understand their digital media landscape and digital audience personas."

Emplifi's data collection capabilities also enable to monitor the competitive landscape and benchmarks to make sure their clients are always ahead of the game.

Create long-lasting partnerships

As a completely integrated digital marketing agency, social media is an important part of all's client brand strategies. They combine their team's creative mindsets with data-driven strategies to help their clients compete in the competitive landscape and reach their business goals.

"Emplifi has allowed us to create long-lasting partnerships with our clients," said Bigman. "We also use the insights from the data Emplifi collects to assist us in communicating opportunities to new clients."

The takeaway

Emplifi plays a critical role in helping bring their clients deeper and more meaningful insights. With the team's data-driven approach, Emplifi's functionality can quickly aggregate and present the data points and insights needs to add deep insights to their clients.

Do you need help presenting high-value data in a meaningful way? If you would like help sorting through social media data, schedule a demo with an Emplifi expert today.

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