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Knight Frank makes moves on social media with Emplifi

Powerful platform easily manages social media strategy and offers insight on campaign performance

Knight Frank is one of the world's leading independent real estate consultancies, based in the UK and operating globally, with 488 offices spread over 57 territories. Social media is an essential tool for Knight Frank to build brand awareness with new customers, brand engagement, and reputation management with existing customers. It’s also a key channel for lead generation. They wanted a social media management tool that helps position them as a thought leader in the social media landscape.

"We needed a platform to easily manage our social media audience, assist with reporting using dashboards, spot content trends and influencers, and gain valuable insight on campaign performance or emerging themes," said Michael Peck, Head of Social Media for Knight Frank. 

Streamlined social media management across multiple channels

A challenge for Knight Frank has been managing communities across multiple channels. The company partnered with Emplifi to streamline the process. With Emplifi, they can plan, schedule, and organize its content. They also use Emplifi’s analytics and dashboard tools for competitor analysis and campaign reporting. With continuous listening, they can maintain a constant pulse on their marketplace and competition from the perspective that matters the most - the customer. Once the content is planned, Emplifi makes it effortless for them to schedule and publish posts across every channel, at scale.

Knight Frank manages seven owned pages, but predominantly uses the main four company ones for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They use labels to determine the location of the post’s market and its relevant category, for example commercial or lettings properties. They also tag up event content to keep track of those. 

Up-to-date reports and analytics 

Emplifi’s reporting tool makes it easy for Knight Frank to report back to stakeholders with last-minute requests on performance. With Emplifi, they have access to every feed in one place, allowing the company to spot trends and measure performance on any channel with ease. Emplifi provides access to next-gen benchmarks that are always up-to-date and show them exactly where they stand in their region or industry.

With Emplifi, Knight Frank no longer needs to manually set up reports. Emplifi enables them to automate reports to be sent to any inbox instantly. They can also customize the reports to focus on the metrics that matter most. For example, Knight Frank can track campaign performance and compare against objectives. Emplifi’s automated content labels also makes it easy for them to understand how key areas of the content are performing.

Identifying influencers

Knight Frank also uses Emplifi’s Influencer Marketing tool to identify potential influencers they’d like to work with. With Emplifi, they can easily track any number of influencers with the click of a button and understand which influencers are the most effective. 

"Measuring ROI has been one of our biggest challenges," added Michael. "The ability to trace leads received via social media to transactions and income for our business is invaluable. Emplifi provides concrete business results and solid ROI by benchmarking and tracking our influencers."

Community management

Knight Frank’s partner agency, Matter of Form, uses Emplifi’s Community module for customer service and community management. With Emplifi, they have complete governance of their multi-channel customer care from social media. Their customer service agents have all the multi-channel care tools and AI chatbot assistance they need to deliver the best customer experiences at an incredible speed and efficiency. 

The takeaway

Knight Frank wants to use data more effectively and efficiently to further define its audience segments and improve its campaign ideation and execution. Emplifi enables them to be a thought leader in the social media landscape and roll out features as quickly as possible to keep up with the major social platforms.

Do you need help managing your social media strategy? If you would like help streamlining your content planning and reporting processes, schedule a demo with an Emplifi expert today.

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