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How MPM Group used data to boost social media interactions

Who is MPM Group?

MPM Group (PT Mitra Pinasthika Mustika Tbk) is the leading Indonesian company operating in the integrated automotive, transportation, and mobility solutions industry since 1987.

They are actively transforming the business to penetrate the market where the audience is at — social media.

Online, they connect with their audience via different social media profiles:

  • MULIA / MPM Distributor: Sole distributor, after-sales service, and spare parts provider for Honda Motorcycles (East Java & East Nusa Tenggara Area)

  • MPM Rent: Car rental customized for B2B and B2C

  • MPM Insurance: General insurance customized for B2B and B2C

  • AUKSI: Online/offline car and motorcycle auction service

Across all the platforms used, they manage a total of 12 separate social media profiles. Not a simple task.

Why did they choose Emplifi?

The brand came to Emplifi because navigating across all the different social media accounts for each of their businesses was tedious, and they wanted all of the insights in one place to act quickly based on the data.

In a nutshell, they wanted to increase fan engagement on social media while promoting teamwork across different businesses.

How did they do it?

With Emplifi Analytics and Dashboards, they were able to quickly pinpoint what had previously worked for them and where there was a gap. As a result, they developed a content strategy that considered what their audience actually enjoys and with what they engage.

Then, with Emplifi Content Hub, replicating this strategy across their social media profiles for their businesses (MULIA, MPM Rent, MPM Insurance, and AUKSI) was a no-brainer. As a result, the brand experienced a remarkable increase in interactions with followers.

The excellent work of the MPM Group paid off, as shown in these results on Instagram (all figures are YTD up to August 2022, compared to the previous period):

  • MULIA / MPM Distributor: +36% interactions

  • MPM Rent: +34% interactions

  • MPM Insurance: +1607% interactions

  • AUKSI: +457% interactions

"We needed to improve one of our social media profile's Interactions. By using Emplifi's Social Media Analytics and Custom Dashboard, we gained insights such as the most engaging post types, which of our posts received the most interactions, and not to forget how our competitors were performing. Based on these insights, we replicated our content strategy throughout our social media profiles with an incredible impact on the interactions with our followers."

— Julian Putranto, Digital Marketing Supervisor at MPM Group

By using Emplifi's analytics and dashboard reporting capabilities, MPM Group can now easily consolidate social media activities from four different brands in the group. They have since expanded from just looking internally to monitoring their competition's performance, and have achieved excellence in their industry. They also operate efficiently and effectively across the functions of content publishing and community management, helping them to drive engagement and loyalty and directly impact their conversion rate.

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