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NAVY Hair Care highlights customer stories with UGC and text reviews

"We want to know that people are coming back and trying new things. We want to know who pointed them in the right direction. We want to know anything and everything that we possibly can as far as data that you don't just pull from analytics but data that you have to pull from actual cuts, like a customer leaving a comment – which we can only get with Emplifi. That's a very high value for us." — Jeremy Barrett Lipkin, CEO & Founder at NAVY Hair Care

Eco-friendly hair care brand NAVY Hair Care was founded in 2018 with social-forward and community-driven values at the forefront. Looking for product feedback while engaging the brand’s community with authentic content, NAVY Hair Care needed an inclusive way to collect and share its customers’ stories. To leverage visual UGC and customer text reviews, NAVY Hair Care’s team chose Emplifi.

Customer content as real-time feedback

NAVY Hair Care utilizes Emplifi as a way to start a dialogue with customers about what specific products and practices are of value to them. Visual UGC gives the brand a way to practice social listening while engaging online shoppers, and drove a 264% increase in repeat-visit rate.

"Emplifi is wonderful for us because it gives us a better grasp of what's going on with our community."

Along with a robust collection of product reviews, NAVY Hair Care uses Emplifi’s Checkout Comments feature to ask buyers why they chose each product. The brand garners an average of 360 Checkout Comments per week, and uses this feedback to consistently improve customer experience.

"It’s easy for us to collect all of those testimonials and get a sense of why people are using the products, when, and why it’s working," Lipkin said. "I think it definitely took us to another level."

The brand has collected enough visual assets to populate 16 unique galleries of UGC on product pages, the site home page, and inspiration galleries. This authentic content combined with text reviews helps both the brand and site visitors understand what it’s really like to use the brand’s products.

Improving the customer experience with review subdimensions

With Emplifi's custom review subdimensions, the NAVY Hair Care team is able to provide the most valuable product information on each PDP. With this feature, the brand can solicit specific and relevant feedback on each product from engaged customers. By asking standardized questions such as "hair type" and "best uses," the NAVY Hair Care team can glean valuable product insight for future innovations, all while adding value to the customer experience on-site.

Loyalty through visual and text-based social proof

Even in the early stages, NAVY Hair Care’s team knew the benefits community-generated content would yield in terms of increasing buyer confidence. Emplifi’s Shoppable Instagram widget lets consumers shop directly from customer Instagram posts, and drove a whopping 73% engagement rate among site visitors.

"Emplifi is core to our business. We chose to onboard the platform within the first six months of our company being created."

Word-of-mouth marketing is streamlined in easy-to-consume formats for NAVY Hair Care customers. Emplifi's UGC text-based capabilities give a holistic voice to passionate fans and showcase community focus to new shoppers.

"We really strive to have our community make content for us. The best endorsement is endorsement from your clients, but also your neighbor...It's like having an Avon lady, but instead of having a woman come to your house, [content] is just posted on Instagram."

Emplifi is a cost-effective and overall efficient solution to help NAVY Hair Care get to know its audience while building trust through customer-powered commerce.

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