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TaskForce uses Emplifi to create effective, impactful content to drive social change

Unified platform easily monitors and tracks content at scale

TaskForce is an independent agency, including the brands Into Action, Giflytics, and Ignite, that builds capacity and community for the most influential nonprofits, businesses, and individuals taking on some of the most pressing challenges facing the U.S. and the world. They work at the intersection of arts, culture, and social change to help create memes, GIFs, and overall cause-marketing content that empowers self-advocacy. Their clients use social media to build community and make the case for the world that they want to see. 

As an agency that partners with social change organizations, TaskForce wants to help their clients deliver their messages in the most engaging and effective ways possible. However, they knew one of the biggest challenges would be tracking their high volume of content. Of all the social media solutions they reviewed, Emplifi was the most adaptable and scalable to understanding their own channels, and third-party use cases. 

Monitoring content to initiate client success

TaskForce measures how their content is performing and tries to drive strategic improvements in their product and processes to make creative output more effective. They are focused on where their content is being used, how it’s being used, and how they can make it better. The goal is to help clients increase their reach with impactful content. TaskForce works with dozens of partners, and manually tracking post metrics was implausible. 

Emplifi gives TaskForce access to every feed in one interface so they can spot trends and measure performance on any channel with ease. Emplifi enables the TaskForce team to monitor, log, and track how their partners and clients are using their content over time, so they can better understand internally what’s working with client relationships and, externally, how they can help drive success.

"With Emplifi, we can monitor our partners’ social channels at scale, allowing us to identify our own content on their channels," said Avi Zollman, Head of Audience, TaskForce. "It helps us view, drive, and record metrics over time to see how our content performs on their channels, compared to their native content."

Driving 12.3 billion impressions

Like many companies on social media, one of TaskForce’s biggest challenges is breaking through the noise. The amount of content and campaigns that run simultaneously on social media is endless. TaskForce understands that crafting great content that engages audiences is the core of how you compete and, ultimately, stand out. They recognize the importance of understanding the target audience, hone in on what motivates and inspires them, and apply these findings to the content they create.

TaskForce uniquely tags their content to help benchmark its performance. This helps further inform their clients’ content strategies. With Emplifi, TaskForce has helped their clients drive 12.3 billion impressions on their content across 44 tracked partners. Additionally, they have seen a 140% increase in engagement. In fact, one partner has averaged 23 times the engagement with TaskForce’s content versus their owned-content performance. 

The impact of GIFs

As a new way of exploring and expanding content, TaskForce has been able to prove that GIFs are more impactful than static images or long-form videos. Moving images capture an emotional resonance that motivates users in a way that has been powerful for their clients. 

"Emplifi validates that our content works," added Zollman. "We’ve been able to prove that GIFs are a universal language in the social media landscape, and they convey emotion in a non-verbal form of communication. They’re a powerful tool in helping our clients drive social change."

Moving forward, TaskForce hopes to obtain a deeper understanding of how they can use social messaging to drive positive change in the world by tapping into a combination of their content performance data and that of their clients. 

The takeaway

As artists, strategists, organizers, and dreamers working at the intersection of art and social justice to make lasting change, TaskForce relies on Emplifi to create impactful content at scale.  Emplifi also enables TaskForce to monitor and track said content to drive strategic improvements. 

Do you need help understanding the impact of your social media strategy? If you’re interested in streamlining your content planning and reporting processes, schedule a demo with an Emplifi expert today.

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