From pitch to partnership, VMLY&R Agency invests in client relationships

How the agency uses holistic data insights to save time and make strategic decisions that drive business objectives

VMLY&R is a global brand experience agency that harnesses creativity, technology, and culture to create connected brands. Made up of nearly 7,000 employees worldwide, VMLY&R is a partner of choice for a wide portfolio of digital clients. Their success is found not only in the relationships they build, but the results they drive. This year, they ranked among the top 20 in the Work 2020 by Campaign Brief Asia magazine. The list celebrates the very best advertising in the Asia Pacific region. 

As a modern agency, VMLY&R takes a data-driven approach to everything they do. In their own words, "We use data and insights to reimagine the customer experience. We create work that brings our brands closer to consumers, consumers closer to communities, and communities closer to the wider world." Let’s dive into their best practices.

How to grow and keep client relationships

In today’s world, agencies have to be super focused in their pitches, positioning their services as more than value-adds, but essential. To do this, it’s important to cultivate a presentation that highlights a consultative partnership, every step of the way. VMLY&R ensures they can bring their best to every pitch by being efficient and focused in their preparation. This means, in no small part, tailoring their insights and value story to prospective clients. To be able to do this well and at scale, technology plays a big role. 

Nicholas Pan, MD, Strategy & Commerce at VMLY&R Asia shared how Emplifi is a real time-saver at every stage of the business process.

"We have used Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud for almost every single pitch, especially to better understand the category and our potential client's competition. The platform has reduced the team's preparation time significantly. Without it, they would have easily needed at least five times the time required to be pitch-ready."

He continued, "We use analytics and benchmarking of category and competition for insights mining and dashboards, and reporting to fuel proposals and presentations." With preparation streamlined and effective, they can spend even more time where it counts: demonstrating social media ROI, supporting client retention, and growing long-term relationships.

How to demonstrate results at every turn 

Timeliness is not only important when preparing for a new client pitch; it also is a major factor in client satisfaction. When insights are delivered in time, it’s easier to make adjustments to the strategy that will make a difference. VMLY&R understands this well, and has used Emplifi to keep communication regular and transparent.

"We especially need Emplifi when we realize we are spending too much time preparing data, rather than on insights and recommendations. Emplifi is a key platform that allows the agency to focus on the more strategic elements of our success."

Social media is a rapidly changing landscape, and brands are constantly innovating in their approach to engage audiences. VMLY&R knows how to take social media seriously, working with clients to address not only marketing objectives, but business objectives too. Nicolas shared how VMLY&R sees social media for their clients: "As social media is a key touchpoint to almost all of the brands we work with and is also highly used by consumers, social media is an essential channel to reach out to consumers and businesses."

In order to use social media to drive tangible business outcomes, it’s necessary for the agency to be able to spot and seize opportunities. VMLY&R knows data is their best bet to understand the right action to take. "We monitor and analyze the content that works across categories and channels, keeping abreast of evolving trends and understanding empirically what truly works," said Nicolas. "Emplifi’s simple, holistic, and customizable reports and dashboards save a lot of time here."

The takeaway: Streamlined workflows from start to finish

Emplifi is a trusted partner for agencies across the globe. With streamlined workflows, VMLY&R has been able to:

  • Ramp up for new business pitches five times faster

  • Anticipate and react to change along with thought leaders in the market

  • Improve content analysis with holistic insights across brands, channels, and campaigns in context.

  • Strategize with clients, sharing advice based on hard data

  • Ensure reporting is timely and presents accurate takeaways

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