Emplifi Blog: The influencer marketing stats you need to know this year

[Infographic] The influencer marketing stats you need to know this year

A new report from Pixlee TurnTo (an Emplifi company) reveals key insights based on feedback from real influencers.

Influencer marketing plays a significant role in many brands’ marketing mix today. To launch any successful campaign that truly connects with your audience — and drives notable results — it’s essential to first: 

  • Understand how influencers currently view the world of social media marketing

  • Determine how your brand can best create a relationship with them that will greatly benefit all parties over time.

And there’s perhaps no better way to gain these insights than to hear from influencers directly. 

A new report by Pixlee TurnTo (an Emplifi company) strived to do just that. "The 2022 Influencer Trend Report" dives into these topics in more detail, sharing several insights that marketing professionals can leverage to inform their influencer marketing campaigns in 2023 — and take them to the next level.

Check out the infographic below for a sneak peek at just some of the key influencer marketing stats Pixlee TurnTo uncovered, and you can download the full report here!

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