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Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity in the UK, caring for over 12,000 animals each year. Their mission is to bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction. Although Dogs Trust is a large organization with a lot of content to share online, they have a small social team. Social media is an important tool for Dogs Trust to share its messaging and increase brand recognition. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, social media has been a vital tool for a lot of Dogs Trust’s campaigns and departments to continue to deliver its services virtually. However, with 20 rehoming centers, each with its own Twitter and Instagram, Dogs Trust needed a way to ensure it was amplifying its campaigns across its channels in the best way to maximize resources.

As its platform continues to grow, Dogs Trust needs to maintain and improve its level of online customer service. Dogs Trust wants to find loving homes for the dogs in its care and be the charity people think of when looking for advice and support with their dog. For that reason, its social media presence needs to be strong and always inviting.

Streamlined social media strategy and planning

Dogs Trust uses Emplifi to speed up its content output. With Emplifi, Dogs Trust can schedule, organize, and report on its content. Dogs Trust uses Emplifi to find relevant, successful content examples. Emplifi enables them to search by any number of parameters to find proven ideas and save them into collections with a single click. Once the content is planned, Emplifi makes it effortless for the team to schedule and publish posts across every channel, at scale.

Improved collaboration and efficiency

Dogs Trust has 20 rehoming centers across the UK, all of which have their own Twitter and Instagram profiles. When launching campaigns from the main Dogs Trust profiles, Emplifi enabled the company to schedule the same content simultaneously from all 60+ accounts quickly and easily. This helped boost Dogs Trust’s reach, strengthening its overall campaign. Without Emplifi, Dogs Trust would be reliant on individual members of staff to manually tweet and post on schedule. Dogs Trust saves energy and time by managing its content planning, scheduling, and publishing for every channel from a single drag-and-drop editorial calendar with Emplifi.

Dogs Trust’s dedicated followers are highly engaged on social media and the charity uses Emplifi to keep up with them. With Emplifi, Dogs Trust has access to every feed in one place, allowing the company to spot trends and measure performance on any channel with ease. Additionally, Emplifi uses Dogs Trust’s first-party data and predictive analysis to identify the best time to post specific types of content so the Dogs Trust can maximize its reach.

"Emplifi has a huge impact on our team’s productivity, allowing us to do more with the limited time and resources we have," said Abbie Wall, Social Media Manager, Dogs Trust. "Using shared dashboards, and dashboard templates, lets us quickly and easily duplicate campaign set ups to track different projects, and work across them as a team."

Reduced response time

Dogs Trust uses Emplifi’s community tool as an external contact center to admin its Facebook profile with over a million followers remotely.

"With Emplifi, our contact center can manage incoming social messages with an easy workflow for escalating issues to us as needed," added Wall. "Moving this function to our contact center has massively freed up capacity in our small social team for increased focus on campaign planning, brand love content, and reactive activity."

Automated, customized reports

With Emplifi, Dogs Trust does not need to manually set up the same reports each week, month, or quarter. Emplifi enables Dogs Trust to automate its report to be sent to any inbox instantly. Dogs Trust can also customize the reports to focus on the metrics that matter most and track campaign performance and compare against their objectives.

The takeaway

Dogs Trust’s goal is to be there with its dog owners every step of the way, delivering informative and supportive content. With Emplifi, Dogs Trust can maximize its limited resources to be part of trending topics of conversation while also providing content dog owners want and need.

"By utilizing Emplifi’s scheduling, community management, and content exploration tools, we can make sure we are hitting the trending topics of conversation, and providing content people actually want and need," added Wall. "Emplifi helps us work towards our charity’s goal to bring about the day when all dogs can live a happy life free from unnecessary destruction."

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