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How the agency brings data and creative together in real time to drive strategic social and influencer initiatives for their multi-national clients

"To unify data and creative to offer client-oriented services." That’s the mission of PT. MicroAd BLADE Indonesia, a full-service digital marketing company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since 2011, they have served multi-national clients in creative, performance, and social aspects of integrated digital campaigns. As part of their commitment to serve clients better, they have been partners with Google since 2013 and Facebook since 2014.

To learn more about their best practices and expertise, we caught up with Mediana Pratiwi, Head of Media Strategist at PT. MicroAd BLADE Indonesia. The following article will dive into how the agency uses smart technology to develop and measure social media strategies that build brand awareness, engage the brand with audiences, and improve brand loyalty. 

The main goal? To provide the solutions that clients need. As Mediana shared, "A successful agency in Indonesia is one that can make everything possible for a client, so it’s important to really listen and find the best solutions for them."

Creating data-driven strategies that get results

For PT. MicroAd BLADE Indonesia, creating social media strategies that will help clients shine means having access to the right data to make a plan. Being data-driven, it’s important for the company to back all creative choices with insights. "We always keep track of what topics are trending and what’s happening at the moment," said Mediana. "It’s really important to stay up on 'local topics' to make the brand fit and be ‘approved’ by society."

Beyond staying up on trends, Mediana shared how the planning process works to ensure brand fit for specific campaigns.

"Before I create a strategy, I collect data relevant to the client’s social media. This includes monitoring relevant conversations happening online, and using their competitors as a benchmark. With Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud, I can get this data. Comprehensive insights help us experiment with new tactics and continuously optimize the approach."

An example of strong campaign strategy is with Dunlop Indonesia, where they grew their audience from hundreds of followers to tens of thousands. How? From a data perspective, PT. MicroAd BLADE Indonesia kept track of the best content that Dunlop's followers were interested in, along with just how enthusiastic the followers were about the campaign. And for smooth management and campaign optimization, they relied on Emplifi’s technology: AI PrimeTime recommendations to schedule posts at the optimal time and Emplifi Community module to answer incoming questions.

Making the right influencer recommendations

As social media campaigns expand beyond a brand’s own profile, it’s important for agencies to be able to provide wider recommendations on content strategy, including influencer marketing. There’s a lot on the line to make the right call. The company currently uses the Emplifi Influencer module to help identify and track influencers based on the categories of their clients’ needs. Mediana said, "We can see and understand recommendations, driven by data, to find the right influencers for our clients." 

Mediana explained how Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud plays a large part in their end-to-end strategic decision-making.

"Emplifi not only provides solutions for social media analytics, but there’s so much more, such as social media scheduling, social media monitoring, and influencer discovery to find the best match for our needs."

This is the modern world of agencies. Companies, like PT. MicroAd BLADE Indonesia, who can bring data-confident decisions to their clients will be able to maintain strong bonds and retain long-term business.

Using real-time analytics for modern reporting

Smooth campaign management doesn’t happen overnight. At first, PT. MicroAd BLADE Indonesia, like many companies, would create reports for clients manually. However, as clients became more interested in the granularity of social media campaigns and content performance, it was time to find a solution to mature their reporting capabilities.

"Using Emplifi, we’re able to explain everything to our clients regarding their social media performance and answer their curiosity about social media analytics," said Mediana. "Beyond that, we can tell which content is best for their audiences and what needs to be improved. The main impact of Emplifi is being able to see the analytics for each campaign. The results are in real-time, and I can keep track of the performance across multiple social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter."

As an agency that manages a wide portfolio of clients, it’s so important for PT. MicroAd BLADE Indonesia to easily answer any performance questions coming in with ease, confidence, and actionable recommendations. Automated reporting is just one more way the company can provide the “everything is possible” standards of excellence clients expect.

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