Avoid these TikTok marketing mistakes

As 2020 gets us warmed up for a new decade of social media fun, TikTok is causing a growing buzz of popularity. The video-sharing platform, created by Beijing-based internet technology company ByteDance, has quickly gained fans worldwide. As of February this year, TikTok is estimated to have more than one billion users.

TikTok might seem like an obvious win, but rushing in to use a new platform is one of the biggest mistakes that brands and businesses make. Making a strategic entrance into a channel without overcommitting resources is critical to long-term success. Here are some mistakes you should avoid before launching into TikTok.

Not checking if your audience is already engaged on TikTok

There may be one billion people using TikTok, but are they already talking about your brand? What makes TikTok unique is that it lends itself to brand affinity across all categories, and a lot of that content is being created organically. One good way to find out if TikTok is right for your brand is to simply search and see if there's any existing content out there within your hashtag. Before launching into a new channel, it's important to understand the unique demographics using TikTok.  

Be wary of overall demographic reports and look for ones that are relevant to your country or your audience’s country. For example, overall 60% of users are aged between 16-24 years old. However, 50% of users in the US are 18-34 years old.

Not using influencer and user-generated content

TikTok is fun and easy to use. The vibe of the community using the app is relaxed and creative. An added benefit is that creating videos for TikTok is simple. That said, it still takes time to create that content. This is where influencer marketing and user-generated content on TikTok can truly help you. This can help lower the cost of creating content and help you understand which types of content perform better.

Repurposing other content for TikTok

Each channel has its own flavor, but TikTok is exceptionally creative. Many videos come in the form of challenges. Although it can be acceptable for other channels, TikTok is particularly averse to inauthentic content that doesn't feel 'made for the channel'. Your audience on TikTok wants to see the different sides of your brand personality and will not accept (what they see as) lazy, unoriginal, marketing. TikTok is a fun and relaxed place with no room for stiff corporate messaging. Relax, tap into your funny side, and see what happens.

Not understanding TikTok ads

TikTok ads, while not used by many brands currently, are at least worth exploring. With a lack of saturation and a wide reach, these ads could be the next Facebook or Instagram ads. For right now, though, brands should at least understand how these ads work, and consider bolstering their influencer program in the meantime.

TikTok influencers are breaking records left, right, and center. It comes as no shock that K-Pop megastars BTS are among the record-breaking TikTok users. Brands are forming clever partnerships to boost their products and services. There may be budget restrictions, of course, but if you can put some marketing budget behind an influencer campaign it will be money well spent.

As TikTok continues to grow, the biggest mistake you can make is writing it off completely. Social channels are changing with the digitally native millennials and Gen Z – smart brands will continue to test new channels to keep relating to their audience authentically.

Beatrix Potter is a professional marketing writer at Dissertation Writing and Stateofwriting writing services. Bea writes about social media and TikTok, and also teaches at Eliteassignmenthelp website. She is a big K-Pop fan and loves traveling to new countries.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on Any statistics or statements included in this article were current at the time of original publication.

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