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Why not turn your insights into valuable customer engagement?

Analytics - Owned, Paid, and Earned - has come a long way in a short space of time. Best-in-class analytics can empower your business to make decisions that are fast and confident while helping you build better and stronger relationships with your customers.

Instead of being a secondary focus - completed by separate teams - data and analytics is fast becoming a core function, and when clear goals and strategies are put in place, can help your business increase consistent production value by a factor of 2.6X.

To support your business growth, we are excited to be introducing a series of new advancements and improvements in our Social Marketing cloud’s analytics, offered across our owned, earned, and paid solutions.

Our latest development within (POE) analytics allows you to easily track in real-time all your ads performance while providing granular insights and analysis such as performance vs expenditure, providing you with a clear view of your campaign’s ROI.

Crisis Management - Listening

We got you covered so that you can focus on growing your business

Every business wants to prevent negative associations with its brand or products and provide long-term positive value for its customers. For this reason, businesses need to be aware of any critical issues or potential risks that could harm the reputation of their brand or have a negative impact on their customers. 

Understanding how your audience feels and thinks about your brand is key to your business success. Your social media platforms provide an invaluable source of the feedback of your customers, so you can continually improve and grow.

Emplifi’s Listening solution helps you to define, notify, understand, and respond to what your customers are saying about your brand as quickly and early as possible, providing advance warning to any potential PR issues with real-time alerts. 

Features such as “Notify” can deliver notifications either via email / in-app template or CTA buttons, whilst “Sensitivity”, enables you to establish a threshold for what you consider a spike, in other words, you can establish what number of mentions is still normal and what is already a spike.

Our AI-powered Listening solution analyses what customers are saying about your product, to prevent and manage crises as well as supporting you to turn feedback into responsive actionable business solutions.

Our listening Analytics feature provides four settings for the time-based aggregation, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Customer research shows that in most cases users may prefer to monitor the volume of mentions by the hour, to have a better understanding and insights of the highs and lows of the reactions of their audience to their brand throughout the day. This is especially important not only when the possibility of a crisis is a genuine risk, but also when looking to generate or to focus on viral content as the sentiment filter can be set up to identify both positive or negative mentions.

Additional Engagement Metrics

Emplifi’s latest Engagement Metrics allow you to analyze content and performance based on total engagement, including additional engagement rate options across Dashboards, Content Hub, and our Public API.

We are introducing a set of 3 new metrics into our Social Marketing Cloud:

1-Engagements: Allow you to capture the number of times users engage with a post during their lifetime. 

2-Reach Engagement Rate: A metric that allows you to measure the amount of engagement your social content generates while offering you a more accurate result compared to when the Engagement Rate is calculated simply based on the number of followers. 

3-Impressions Engagement Rate:  Informs about the percentage of users who engaged with a post during its lifetime, given its impressions.

These metrics will be supported in:

  • Dashboard

  • Content Feed

  • Public API

Emplifi’s New Data Sources: Web/Blogs and News Mentions

To satisfy the needs of our clients for more and new web sources we are integrating the best of the industry-standard data source into our Emplifi listening tool.

Emplifi’s new data source is a leading web data provider, which transforms unstructured web content into accessible and machine-readable data feeds.  This delivers comprehensive coverage of web data sets across your historical archives, including multiple sources such as news sites, online discussions, dark networks, and much more besides.  

Our latest data source integration has been launched to deliver comprehensive, up-to-the-minute, relevant coverage of the open, deep, and dark web to enterprise-level customers in a wide range of verticals. At the same time, it responds to demands for the latest data sources, helping you to manage campaign information, mention reviews as well as providing access to sources such as Reddit, the American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.

Putting our customers' requirements at the center of our product evolution we are now delivering popular international news, blogs, and forums as well as country-specific websites.   Hundreds of thousands of websites are analyzed to provide you with useful content that can be used to enhance, support, and benchmark your own campaigns from the outset.

Emplifi’s Design Update

New look, same product you love!

Along with a new brand name, Emplifi is making updates to the navigation bar. This change will launch globally on October 04.

  • The top menu is moving to the left-hand side to create  room for new modules

  • Paid is now nested under Analytics

  • The Settings  button is now  easier to reach in the bottom left corner

  • Emplifi Learning & Resources are in the bottom left corner under settings

Paid Flexible Widgets in Dashboard: Phase 1

Ready to supercharge your paid strategy?

With Emplifi new paid widgets in Dashboard, we’re ready and able to bring your paid strategy to the next level

  • Customize dashboards to view owned and earned data side by side

  • Receive oversight over paid activity across multiple accounts 

  • Slice and dice the data how you want with flexible widgets and automated reporting options

Emplifi’s paid flexible widget in Dashboard introduces new types of widgets, displaying the aggregation of different metrics generated from the individual pieces of content and plots them to the chart.

Paid insights are now at the touch of your fingertips. View aggregated paid data, campaign data, ads data, and even ads comments. Data is in exports, as well as Emplifi’s API to integrate with your BI tools.

Our paid flexible widgets can be configured by data source, filters, date range, and breakdown. For phase one we are delivering widgets for 11 different metrics, as well as offering 5 different visualization types: value, pie, line, column, and area.

Cross-Platform Campaign View

Get into dynamic campaign analysis and reporting - easier than ever. 

Understanding activities like campaigns or segmenting content running across multiple different social media platforms can be very challenging. Our Content Labelling (both manual and automated) and Flexible Widgets in Dashboard are here to help and support you. With our new Cross-Platform Campaign View it has never been easier to understand the aggregated performance and access  the holistic view on the content behind the label:

  • Ad Hoc Cross-Platform Analysis and ReportingQuick and full analysis of social media activities across all platforms (FB, IG, TW, YT, LI, PI, VK) and labels. Just choose the label (or combined multiple labels) and our dynamic template will help you to understand both combined performance as well as platform-specific views. 

  • Instant Deep-DivesDrill down into data and click on any point in the charts to analyze underlying data in the Content Feed. 

  • All Eyes on SuccessDownload PDF reports, driving transparent long-term reporting across the organization

  • Access Recent SearchesAccess recent searches to return to a previous Campaign View configuration with a single click

Do not despair!

We are not planning to decommission our old Analytics just yet, as we will be adding more views to our new analytics platform. As a result of the transition process, we will be delivering and identifying the most effective way to continue providing the same user’s cases through the new platform.

View all your published and scheduled content

Publisher users are now able to export the Content Calendar into PDF, allowing you to view all your published, waiting for approval, scheduled content, and error messages in a more accessible way - Everything in your Content Calendar can be easily exported into PDF

Refresh metrics for Twitter content

To offer real-time Interaction analytics we have improved our Twitter content solution, allowing it to constantly update interactions metrics such as likes, replies, and retweets captured by Listening - another simple way to help you have a better understanding of your customer’s interactions with your brand.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on Any statistics or statements included in this article were current at the time of original publication.

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