Identify your Twitter influencers and leverage the engagement

Our latest update allows Community Managers to identify how many followers a customer engaged with their campaign may have.  

Or described more succinctly, Community users are now able to quickly identify their Twitter influencers and leverage the engagement for the benefit and wither reach of a campaign.

Message draft persists between feed and detail in Community Inbox 

Community Managers are looking to retain a draft of My Reply remembered by Inbox so that multiple replies can start in parallel.

Emplifi latest update enables the reply box of each message to "remember" the latest version of its own unsent text, helping you to manage multiple communications simultaneously in a more effective and efficient way. 

DM conversation history in the user info panel in Community

You will now be able to see the full history of Direct Messages and conversations with your customers within the user information.

With customers expecting seamless interaction and communication across different channels and platforms, having access to an end-to-end vision of all direct conversations (DMs) is essential. Being able to quickly visualize all your direct interactions with your customers will not only help you to better understand and react more quickly to their requests, but it will ultimately support you to demonstrate how much you value their appreciation and relationship with your brand.

Filtering history of comment and post by sentiment

Emplifi also allows you to quickly identify all types of customers' sentiments toward your brand and access the history of posts and comments.

Negative comments can damage your brand whilst positive reactions can enhance your campaigns. Our latest iteration allows social marketing Managers to check their history posts between the brand and customers to immediately identify all content by filtering them by sentiment. This allows you to leverage or nurture the relationship while helping you to manage the escalation of negative sentiments which may impact on perceptions of your brand.

Remember unsaved filters when navigating among feeds

After closing your Emplifi platform, browser, or opening and closing the details, Inbox will show you the last used unsaved filter

We understand how demanding a day in the life of a Social Marketing Manager can be and how valuable your time is – this is why to speed up your day our latest iteration allows you to land or start using the last

used filter even when unsaved, so that you can work more efficiently and prioritize what is most important to you and your business.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on Any statistics or statements included in this article were current at the time of original publication.

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