Emplifi - Tackling the top social media marketing challenges in 2023

What do social marketing leaders need to tackle their top challenges in 2023?

A recent survey of 154 North American marketing professionals uncovers their mindset, needs, and priorities to achieve success today.

The digital social media landscape is constantly shifting. This calls for marketers and leaders to always adapt their strategies and, most importantly, strive for insights that will empower them to remain nimble and achieve success.

So, what do social marketing leaders consider their top challenges today, and what are they prioritizing to tackle them? These are two of the (many) questions examined in a recent commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Emplifi. 

The "Social Marketing Leaders Are In Critical Need Of Integrated Data And Agile Technology" study surveyed 154 North American CMOs, marketing VPs, and directors responsible for CX, marketing strategy, paid media, or social media marketing to get a glimpse into the minds of social marketing leaders in these times of economic uncertainty. 

Let's dive into a few key findings from this comprehensive study. 

Changing customer demands present the most challenging market factor.

Reflect on a couple of years ago — how much have your everyday habits changed? What about how much you use social media daily, or even how you use it along your customer journey? 

Customer expectations and needs are constantly evolving. Along with macroeconomic pressure, these have been the top external challenges to business success, according to the social marketing leaders surveyed.

With these changing customer demands, Forrester Consulting states in the study: 

"Amidst new channels, content formats, and ever-changing technology, customers' expectations are shifting, and marketing leaders need to be agile and equipped with actionable customer insights to meet customers' demands."

So, how do social marketing leaders plan to achieve this? Let's take a look.

Getting a single view of the customer remains a top desire.

The study dives into some of the specifics that social marketing leaders look for in a social marketing cloud platform. But what do they see as the main benefit they would expect to get? The ability to integrate and consolidate customer data to gain a "single view of the customer." 

In a time when social media marketers often need to pivot on the fly, agility is key. Gaining these insights is essential to achieving this. As Forrester Consulting mentions in the study: 

"To elevate their organizations' digital and social presence and succeed in delivering on the full customer journey, marketing leaders recognize the need to galvanize customer data through a powerful, integrated, and efficient social cloud platform."

Want to dive deeper into these insights, and see what other great insights this study uncovered? Download your copy today!

Download the full study

Better understand what social marketers are prioritizing to tackle their top challenges, and what they look for in a marketing platform to help them do so.

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