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The state of social media and CX: Key insights from Q2 2021

Spending is up, costs are higher, and the digital marketing landscape is as competitive as it has ever been. In times like these, it is critical to pay close attention to the latest insights and trends to make informed marketing decisions that help garner the most engagement from audiences, using the right message at the right time in their customer journey.

But more importantly, to better understand and empathize with audiences in a time when customer experience (CX) can be the difference-maker.

That is the key to a seamless customer experience (CX), and our latest report, "State of social media and CX: Q2 2021", helps shed light on these key insights.

This report highlights the latest data in paid and organic social media, and shares insights to help guide digital marketers in how they can put their ad spend to the best use, and adapt their social marketing strategies for the months ahead.

Highlights of the Q2 2021 report include industry insights into average response times to incoming comments, changes in Facebook Ads reach, and developments in the way brands can engage with their audiences and utilize social commerce.

Delivering amazing and engaging social media experiences takes effort, and this report is for marketers ready to take their efforts to the next level.

Below are a couple of key findings from our report. Download your copy of Emplifi's latest report, "State of social media and CX: Q2 2021" today!

Report: State of Social Media and CX - Q3 2021

Get the latest insights to power your social marketing efforts and deliver engaging social media experiences.

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Global social media ad spend grows 50% YoY

Emplifi Social Media and CX Trends Report Q2 2021 YoY Ad Spend

The pandemic altered people’s habits, changing where and how marketers could reach their audience with advertising. That shift is here to stay, as Emplifi data shows an increasingly heavy reliance on social media marketing.

In Q2 2021, a modest increase in ad spend was seen compared to Q1 2021 (up 3.2%). However, a more notable increase was seen since Q2 2020, with marketers spending 49.9% more on Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Telecom provides the fastest responses to Facebook comments

Emplifi Social Media and CX Trends Report Q2 2021 Median Response Time

When it comes to interacting with comments on Facebook, Emplifi data showed that one industry went above and beyond for its customers in Q2 2021: Telecom.

  • Fastest median response time to comments (2 hours, 40 minutes)

  • Fastest median response time to direct messages (14 minutes)*

  • Highest percentage of comments that were responded to (35.1%)*

This data suggests that Telecom companies responded to more of their comments at a faster rate than any other industry. Other industries that boasted quick response times include the Airline, Finance, and Ecommerce industries. With CX being a key differentiator among brands today, continually evaluating and adapting social media care processes will only become more essential for digital-first audiences.

*See chart in the full report.

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