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Published: July 27, 2010

Top 10 countries on Facebook in the last six months

Facebook announced 500 million users, and we celebrated that with our infographics, that gut published to Mashable.com.We created a list of top countries, and also top growing countries on Facebook.

From the TOP 10 growing countries according to 6 month growth, 4 of them are from Asia, 3 from North and South America, the rest from Europe. The growth in some of these countries is huge, somewhere doubling the Facebook population in these countries, for example in Germany, where Germany grew over 4 million fans.

Also let's look at the TOP 10 countries on Facebook in general:

It is no big surprise that the United States still hold the first position in Facebook top 10 countries. US are the homeland of Facebook, so their prevalence can be counted on in the future as well. A little growth of 0,25% can be observed in the "number of users" column of this country, even though 125 881 220 people on Facebook from US already is a huge number. Number – two is traditionally the United Kingdom. During six months period of this year the number of users decreased by 2,27%, which represent 601 420 users of the total amount of 26 543 600.

It is amazing how fast Facebook spread around the world. Indonesia is on the third position in top 10 countries, so that Southeast Asia really is the biggest player in the territory even though penetration is one of the lowest 10,78%.

The only middle-east country on the top list is in the fourth position. Turkey has a potential to wipe other countries off the Top 10 in short. 22 552 540 users on Facebook and 29,36% penetratition are solid basis for starting ads on new market.

Following two positions are a little bit conservative and European countries are camping on the fifth and the sixth place. France and Italy are quite similar if you look at the markets and numbers of users in both countries are similar to each other. France has 18 942 220 users on Facebook and it is only 2 294 960 more than in Italy.

Canada is the seventh country of the Top 10 on Facebook and if you look closer you can follow a slight decline of –3,48% in Facebook usage. Maybe because of problems with privacy on Facebook that are narrowly watched by the Canadian government and they are still keeping an eye on this social giant. Nevertheless the problem of sharing information and privacy is a social topic number one in many countries. Penetratition though is the highest of all countries on Facebook. 46,52% is a pretty nice number why not use it.

Philippines (PH) and Mexico are extremely fast growing economies and more people use Facebook for sharing daily news in these countries. 5,77% growth of Facebook usage in PH and 6,18% in Mexico is a bubble that waits to explode. The number of new users is alike in both countries. PH has 842 880 newbies on Facebook and Mexico has raised over 801 800 since January.

The last country on the list is Spain. The European land with 10 612 820 users on Facebook is the 4th largest country in Europe in terms of Facebook usage. Quite good penetratition 26,19 % is very useful in the European environment.

The complete list has not changed anything. Top 10 countries on Facebook are still holding their positions well and even though there are some growths or overflows it is only matter of time to get poked and rise.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on socialbakers.com. Any statistics or statements included in this article were current at the time of original publication.

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