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Emplifi - 15 Women to Follow on Social Media 2024

Evelyn Taylor — Community Manager, Emplifi

15 women in social media to follow

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, we’re spotlighting 15 impressive female marketers in the social media space.

As platforms introduce new features and trends emerge each day, social media marketing is not an easy field to excel in. Social media managers are responsible for crafting a brand’s identity and conveying its mission while engaging a global audience. A great social media strategy touches every department on a brand’s team, making it an essential aspect of marketing.

Women make up 60% of marketers worldwide, showing especially strong representation in social media manager roles. However, progress in gender diversity remains to be made. LinkedIn data shows that women are 18% less likely to apply to a marketing job after viewing it, and 8% less likely to pursue a leadership role when they do apply.

These 15 female trailblazers are experts in social media marketing, often sharing their insights and sparking thoughtful discussions within their online communities. Give them a follow!

1. Tameka Bazile

Manager, Social Media Strategy at TIME (Follow on LinkedIn)

Tameka’s career took off when she scaled her independent business in social media management to over six figures, launching dozens of women-led brands to over $1 million in revenue. She then pivoted into corporate marketing, creating million-dollar social media strategies for some of your favorite brands. Tameka is also a content creator with an engaged community on LinkedIn, where she spills raw truths about social media as a profession, along with thoughts on culture and the importance of personal branding. She’s been featured in Business Insider, MSNBC, and CNBC and is a featured speaker.

2. Bari (Rosenstein) Tippett

Head of Social at sweetgreen (Follow on LinkedIn)

Former social media manager at Focus Brands for Auntie Anne’s and Jamba, Bari recently announced the start of a new journey, leading social at sweetgreen. Bari is widely recognized for her expertise in building a relatable, engaging brand voice across social media channels, especially TikTok. Learn about her experience bringing Auntie Anne’s to TikTok fame and her best tips for social media managers in Emplifi’s Q&A article.

3. Kheyra Horton

Digital Writer + Curator at Social Media Memo (Follow on LinkedIn)

With a decade of diverse experience across agency, in-house, and freelance settings, Kheyra’s portfolio boasts collaborations with prominent brands such as Amazon Music, Onyx Collective, and Culture Rated powered by Prime Video. Kheyra is also the driving force behind the Social Media Memo, a weekly newsletter dedicated to providing resources and job opportunities for fellow social media professionals.

4. Hailey Knott

Social Media Manager at American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. (Follow on LinkedIn)

Hailey is a highly accomplished digital marketing professional renowned for her expertise in social media strategy, influencer management, and data analysis. With a track record of remarkable achievements in the various social media roles she’s tackled, Hailey has garnered recognition in top industry publications, including AdAge and AdWeek. On LinkedIn, Hailey is a valued member of the social media marketing community, often sharing personal insights and experiences in the field.

5. Nathalie Balda

Creative Marketing and Social Media Consultant (Follow on LinkedIn)

For the last decade, Nathalie has been behind the scenes, bringing streaming titles to life through innovative marketing, most specifically social and creative marketing. As a full-time freelancer in the Entertainment industry, Nathalie is passionate about cultivating authentic relationships between her clients and their online audiences.

6. Robyn Nissim

Fractional VP of Social Media and Brand Marketing at Social Proof Agency (Follow on LinkedIn)

With over 13 years of experience partnering with influential global brands, Robyn has mastered the science of social media success. She’s known for her work pioneering social strategies for Michelin and Nissan, orchestrating Ulta Beauty's influencer program, and driving social revenue for Anastasia Beverly Hills and Alo Yoga. Robyn now specializes in helping brands and agencies scale social for awareness and revenue growth. Check out our Q&A for Robyn’s best tips for keeping social plugged in across your organization.

7. Christina Le

Social Media & Community Manager at OpenPhone (Follow on LinkedIn)

Christina is a seasoned social strategist with a diverse resume spanning over seven years in the field. For five different companies — ranging from D2C to B2B SaaS — she was hired as their first social media marketer, and has developed comprehensive social strategies for various organizations through her freelance work. Currently the Senior Social Media Manager at OpenPhone, she also serves as a Creative Advisor for Plot. Christina is an active member of the social media marketing community on LinkedIn, frequently posing intellectual questions and sharing her own insights.

8. Kate Winick

VP Social Media & Brand Marketing, Former Director of Social Media at Peloton (Follow on LinkedIn)

Kate boasts a wealth of experience garnered from years immersed in the social media marketing landscape. With a strong track record in building and managing high-performing social media teams, Kate’s work in writing and editing has also been featured in publications like ELLE, Who What Wear, Today, Yahoo, and Martha Stewart. Check out Kate’s best advice for social media marketers to educate their broader teams on the value of a strong social strategy.

9. Aminta Iriarte

Senior Manager of Global Social Media Strategy at Crunch Fitness (Follow on LinkedIn)

Aminta is a seasoned social media strategist with over eight years of experience within the realms of fashion, eCommerce, and fitness. Aminta specializes in crafting engaging video content that drives organic traffic and boosts revenue for organizations. With an unwavering drive to pioneer innovative social media and influencer marketing strategies, Aminta remains committed to elevating brand awareness and consideration for leading businesses. Be sure to read Emplifi’s full profile of Aminta.

10. Annie-Mai Hodge

Founder & Director of Girl Power Marketing (Follow on LinkedIn)

Annie-Mai Hodge is known for her frequent roundup posts of social media updates for marketers to be aware of, from new platform features to industry trends. She’s built an impressive online community of over 100,000 individuals, and currently offers her expertise through Girl Power Marketing to empower individuals and brands along their marketing journeys.

11. Gissele Alzate

Social Media/Community Manager at TRUFF (Follow on LinkedIn)

Gissele is a dynamic communications professional armed with a diverse skill set in social media marketing. Passionate about translating business insights into actionable strategies, she’s dedicated to making impactful contributions to the success of every project she undertakes.

12. Jacqueline Joyner

Social Media Lead & Senior Brand Manager at ADP (Follow on LinkedIn)

Jacqueline is a brand social strategist with nearly ten years of experience developing and executing creative brand marketing strategies across social and digital platforms at Fortune 250 companies and early-stage start-ups. As global social media lead at ADP, she’s responsible for managing high-visibility, high-impact brand social activities.

13. Lika Tan

Social Media Coordinator at Stallion Express (Follow on LinkedIn)

Lika manages content creation and strategy for the Canadian shipping service company Stallion Express. Also skilled in copywriting, email marketing, data analysis, and community engagement, Lika is a top voice on LinkedIn for marketers to connect with and learn from. Learn how Lika started her journey in eCommerce by selling phone cases and utilizing TikTok, and get her best tips for marketers embracing long-form video content in 2024.

14. Geisha Garcia

Director of Digital and Social Media at the University of Miami (Follow on LinkedIn)

Geisha is a dynamic communications professional who excels at crafting strategic and creative digital marketing strategies aimed at fostering brand affinity and driving conversions. In her current role, Geisha is focused on sharing targeted, relevant, creative, and captivating social media content that showcases the UMiami experience for the university’s entire online community.

15. Mari Smith

Expert in Facebook Marketing and Social Media (Follow on LinkedIn)

Dubbed the “Queen of Facebook,” Mari supports businesses and brands looking for innovative ways to improve their social media presence by focusing on content, community, and conversion. Mari is a global keynote speaker, sharing her expertise at major events like Social Media Marketing World and HubSpot's INBOUND. She also serves as a brand evangelist for a variety of companies, and was recognized by Forbes as a Top Social Media Power Influencer. Mari shared with Emplifi her best tips for brands to practice a community-led approach to social — check them out!

Get more industry insights and advice on our blog, and explore how Emplifi’s best-in-class social media management tools can help you seamlessly connect social to commerce.

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