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Evelyn Taylor, Community Manager, Emplifi

10 personal branding experts for marketers to follow

Establishing yourself as an expert in your field can feel overwhelming, especially for marketers investing time and effort into a brand’s online presence. However, cultivating your own personal brand is valuable when it comes to reaching long-term career goals while helping you develop skills to stand out in your existing role.

Fortunately, industry experts regularly share their top resources and advice to tackle the challenge. No matter where you are in your personal branding journey, these 10 pros are worth a follow!

Jerry Jose

Social media marketer and LinkedIn specialist Jerry Jose posts daily advice for individuals and teams looking to dip their toes into personal branding. Many of the resources Jerry promotes center around building a LinkedIn profile that shines, including an AI-powered bio-writing tool.

Connect with Jerry on X and LinkedIn.

Gurnoor Kaur Behl

Gurnoor Kaur Behl is a well-known personal branding coach with over 12 years of experience in the world of social media. In addition to sharing career tips for professionals on her social channels, Gurnoor invites her audience to participate in digital (and in-person) events focused on digital marketing, personal branding, diversity & inclusion, and more.

Connect with Gurnoor on X and LinkedIn.

Christine Gritmon

Christine Gritmon is a skilled community-builder in the marketing realm, known by many industry professionals for her weekly #ChatAboutBrand discussion on X (previously known as Twitter). Christine’s expertise is exemplified by the strong personal brand she’s built for herself across social media, and she consistently shares actionable insights with her online audience.

Connect with Christine on X and LinkedIn.

Katelyn Bourgoin

Growth strategist and founder Katelyn Bourgoin is known as "The Customer Whisperer" for her expertise in marketing with an understanding of buyer psychology. Katelyn frequently shares content regarding her experience building a personal brand that fuels her business endeavors.

Connect with Katelyn on X and LinkedIn.

Shweta Kukreja

Shweta Kukreja is a social media strategist and content writer who offers consulting services to brands, creators, and business professionals. Shweta uses her online platform to inspire and educate her audience by sharing best practices for personal branding.

Connect with Shweta on X and LinkedIn.

Komal Ahuja

Komal Ahuja is a writer, content strategist, and Masters of Science in Marketing student at the University of Nottingham. From Twitter threads outlining her approach to personal branding to authoring marketing-related articles for top brands like Shopify, Komal’s content is valuable for marketers, freelancers, writers, and beyond.

Connect with Komal on X and LinkedIn.

Evan Patterson

Consultant and industry expert Evan Patterson is the self-proclaimed “Joan Rivers of Marketing.” With over 23K followers on LinkedIn and a plethora of positive recommendations from clients and colleagues, Evan is a leader in personal branding. He consistently promotes resources like articles, threads, and podcasts geared toward B2B brands and marketers striving to stand out from the crowd.

Connect with Evan on X and LinkedIn.

Adrienne Sheares

Valued member of the Emplifi community Adrienne Sheares shares insightful perspectives on personal branding through her social media content and one-on-one coaching services. With over a decade of experience, Adrienne’s marketing and public relations wisdom has been featured in numerous industry publications like Adweek and ABC News. Check out our Q&A with Adrienne highlighting personal branding tips for social media marketers!

Connect with Adrienne on X and LinkedIn.

Rachel Becker

With experience in social media marketing, personal management, and Twitter branding at ZoecialMedia, Rachel Becker is a thought leader to follow when cultivating your online identity and career goals. Rachel encourages her community to celebrate individuality and “take up space” as a leader in the industry, posting insights and advice to social media daily.

Connect with Rachel on X and LinkedIn.

Jake Zachariah

Jake Zachariah, Director of Marketing at Fetch, urges companies and professionals alike to reach their personal branding goals through community-building and consistent engagement. Boasting a multitude of awards and accolades for his expertise, Jake shares content and resources useful for marketers developing a strong online presence and individual identity.

Connect with Jake on X and LinkedIn.

Personal branding is more than just creating a website with your name on it, and making a name for yourself online can improve your networking and marketing skills while positioning you as an asset to employers. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a newbie looking to break into the space, consider making space for these 10 experts in your online community!

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