6 Social Media KPIs You Need to Track for the Telco Industry

There are two significant factors when it comes to advanced social media metrics: reach and engagement. According to eMarketer, the US telco industry increased its digital ad spend by 15.8% to $15.58 billion by 2020. Focusing on social media Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will not only give you a better understanding of your audience performance but help you develop a comprehensive social strategy to beat your competition in the telco industry and manage your social communities seamlessly.

Marketing in the telco industry requires a variety of engaging content, a reliable social media management tool, and influencer collaborations to gain the right audience and enhance performance on all social channels. The following social media KPIs and worldwide telco industry statistics will help marketers in the telco industry drive growth and engagement in 2020.  

6 Important Social Media KPIs for Telco Companies


  • Followers: The total number of people following your profile (The total for one social media platform)

  • Impressions: The number of times your content is displayed (no matter whether it was clicked or not)

  • Posts: The number of posts created in a certain time period.


  • Clicks: Link clicks correlate with the quality of the title and image/video. Link clicks are also the result of the call-to-action of your post. 

  • Interactions: The number of interactions that a page or post receives and the types of interactions (likes, comments, and shares).

  • Brand Mentions: When a user tag or mentions your brand (or another brand) in a conversation or post. 

Reach: Social Media Landscape in the Telco Industry

Understanding your reach is the best way to see where you need more visibility. Based on a survey for the 50 largest Facebook and Instagram Telco profiles worldwide, Instagram’s total audience size is significantly lower than the Facebook audience. 

Even though Facebook’s landscape is broader than Instagram, marketers in the telco industry have to keep in mind that with a larger interactive audience will require more post content. Creating a tactical content strategy can expand that reach and drive your audience’s interests.

Developing a content strategy can take a lot of time and planning, but with the right social media metrics, it can help you determine the right direction for your content strategy and boost your content engagement. 

For the telco profiles worldwide, the statistics show the percentage of image posts is higher than other forms of posts throughout the year of 2019. Marketers in the telco industry can test their image content to see how effective it can be for their audience. They can do this by using precise social media measurements and analysis for all your channels and gain a clear view of your performance.

Engagement: Influencer Marketing in the Telco Industry

Social media metrics play a huge role in influencer marketing from expanding brand visibility to delivering the right engagement. Without understanding the right social media metrics, it can be difficult to see the full potential of a collaboration between an influencer and your telco brand. 

During Q4 of 2019, Verizon and Telstra have collaborated with the most influencers out of telco Instagram profiles and Verizon has received the most brand mentions. Having brand mentions from engaging influencers can boost more visibility. Focusing on this type of social media KPIs can potentially turn these influencers into brand advocates.  Marketers in the telco industry can go a step further and use an influencer discovery tool to find the right influencer for your telco brand

Community Management in the Telco Industry 

Dealing with an angry customer over social is not fun, but dealing with a hundred of them on multiple platforms can be even more draining. When it comes to choosing a telco provider, the quality of customer service and brand reputation means everything. Consumers are heavily influenced by what others have experienced. For this reason, using social media wisely is imperative for properly managing any potential brand crisis’ that may arrive.

Creating a proper social media crisis management plan is critical to minimizing negative effects on a brand’s image. In order to deter potential crises, it’s important to always monitor your page response rate and response times. Measuring these social media KPIs are critical metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of social customer service. Establishing healthy social community care with effortless governance will not only save you costs from traditional methods but help you discover exactly what your community cares about.

The Takeaway

Advanced social media metrics across all channels can help telco companies identify strengths and weaknesses in their social marketing funnel. With deep AI-learning social media metrics, telco companies can gain valuable insights into performance, engagement, and content by tracking the right social media KPIs. More significantly, connecting your communication channels in one place will help you fully understand your community and provide efficient care.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on Any statistics or statements included in this article were current at the time of original publication.

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