Customer Spotlight Ribble

Customer Spotlight: Ribble

Some customers deserve the spotlight!

Emplifi, formerly Go Instore, has been working with Ribble Cycles since 2019. Ribble Cycles is the leading bike manufacturer in the UK. Based in Preston, Ribble has been a leader in the industry since 1897, offering state-of-the-art cycles, delivering award-winning products, and innovating in-house products, all at unbeatable prices.

As Ribble rightly notices, for expert advice, you need real-life experts. That’s why their showrooms continue to be manned by teams of specialists who live and breathe the products.

In 2019, to bring this experience to the next level, Ribble decided to utilize Emplifi’s live commerce solutions. Since then, we’ve powered thousands of live experiences between Ribble’s in-store specialists and the everyday consumer. We use a multitude of features with Ribble, including one-to-many and multi-camera studio mode.

5 Key insights from Ribble using live commerce solutions

Emplifi has been joined by Ribble cycles on two occasions – first for a webinar focused on ‘Thinking Retail’ and later on a ‘Top Tips’ webinar around implementing live video shopping. Check out some of our key-round ups from both occasions below:

1. Live events canceled during COVID? Not a problem!

With live events canceled during the COVID19 pandemic, Ribble turned to our ShopStream feature (now Emplifi Live Stream) to show off their new products. They reached 10x the amount of people using the broadcast feature on their website, Facebook & YouTube than they would have at the in-person event. As live commerce gains traction globally, and we emerge from the pandemic, many retailers continue to utilize this feature, with great success. 

2. In-store experts report high satisfaction

Not only do customers enjoy talking to an in-store expert, but the in-store experts love using Emplifi’s offering to connect with customers. Particularly during store times with low footfall, Emplifi’s live commerce solution allows staff members to remain active, and engage with the consumers.

3. Customers keep coming back

Through the data insights that Emplifi provides, the Ribble team can see that the same customers keep coming back and using the solution to ask all their cycling-related questions – they’re hooked.

4. Introducing a global customer base

Ribble has a limited number of showrooms, with some in remote locations. However, through Emplifi's live commerce solutions, Ribble is able to attract a global customer base to their showrooms, regardless of where those customers physically are.

5. The stats tell all…  

Let the numbers do the talking…Matt Lawson, the Chief Digital Officer at Ribble, reported in 2021 that 15-20% of Ribble’s transactions have used Emplifi’s solution at a point in their journey. And the AOV while using the live commerce offering is the same as when customers shop online – 43% higher than Ecommerce!

Ribble is seeing success with live commerce

Want to learn more about how Ribble uses live commerce and live video shopping to connect with their audiences? Here are some of our favorite highlights where you can learn more:

Our work with Ribble hasn’t gone unnoticed. Go Instore (now Emplifi) won an award with Ribble in 2021 for the best-connected experience. You can find the full write-up here.

"As a leading direct-to-consumer, digital-first business. Ribble is the first in our sector to offer an authentic retail experience in an online format. Ribble Live In-Store offers the consumer the opportunity to gain access to a physical store, a dedicated expert Ribble brand champion and the complete product range via their iPhone, tablet or laptop."

If you want to find out more about Emplifi’s live commerce solutions (part of our Social Commerce Cloud) or looking to transform your digital strategy as Ribble has, book a demo with one of our experts here.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on Any statistics or statements included in this article were current at the time of original publication.

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