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How Socialbakers Is Helping Voices for Equality Be Heard

Inequality and injustice have no place in our society. Socialbakers as a company stands with the fight for equality. Diversity and inclusion, whether based on race, culture, sexuality, or gender, is at the core of our company values. That's why we at Socialbakers are taking the following steps to support equality:

Taking Action

Back in March, we announced an initiative to provide NGOs with 6 months of free access to help them reach and engage with their communities. From today until the end of the year, we will offer free access to the Socialbakers social media management platform for qualifying NGOs and activist organizations committed to battling racial inequality. We want to help black voices leading the equality cause to be heard. 

Please reach out directly to our team at support_NGO@socialbakers.com for more information.

Diversity at Socialbakers 

We will be rolling out fresh employee workshops on diversity and inclusion to our global teams. 

We will also be revisiting our hiring processes to make sure we are keeping equality front and center. Across all of our teams we will strive to do better.

Amplifying Varied Voices

As a company we are committed to including more diversity in our external marketing, from our website to our social media and our events. The social media industry is blessed to include many strong black voices, many strong LGBTQ+ voices and many strong female voices. We will work to amplify those voices and we encourage content creators and thought leaders to reach out to us with their ideas. 

Specifically today, we are standing with the black community against racism and violence. The fight for racial equality is a daily one and it’s one that we can only fight together. Using platforms like social media to educate people and to engage supporters of the #BlackLivesMatter movement will continue to be key in driving change. 

I know the entire Socialbakers team joins me in sharing their support for this initiative. We care and we will do better.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on socialbakers.com.

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