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How to get your Snapscore up

Since its inception in 2011, Snapchat has remained one of the most popular social media platforms. With 375 million daily active users worldwide as of Q4 2022, it has become a go-to app for sharing stories, pictures, and videos with other Snapchat users.

One of the unique features of Snapchat is the Snapscore, which gives each user a numerical score based on their activity on the app. While it may seem trivial at first, an increasing Snapchat score can be a source of pride and satisfaction for brands. In essence, it allows you to engage with your customers on yet another platform. An active Snapchat profile can help brands connect with their audience through real-time social media engagement, behind-the-scenes content, and creative storytelling that resonates with Snapchat's young and highly engaged user base.

Are you ready to take your Snapchat game to the next level? Look no further, because you're about to discover how to boost your Snapchat score like a pro!

What is a Snapscore?

Snapscore is Snapchat’s way of rewarding you with points for your activities on the platform based on a top-secret equation only Snapchat really knows. Your brand's Snapchat score is based on the number of snaps received and sent, as well as Snapchat stories activity, interactions, and video views in the Discover tab. It's prominently displayed on your Snapchat profile and visible to anyone who follows your brand on the app.

Unlike other social platforms where the "like" feature is used to indicate how many people have engaged with a particular post or piece of content, your popularity on Snapchat is based on your Snapscore. What makes your Snapscore go up? Basically, the more you interact with others, the higher your Snapscore will be. Snapchat stories are another great way to increase your Snapscore while also engaging with your customers and followers. By consistently posting interesting and engaging content to your story, you'll attract more views and engagement, which can lead to a higher score.

Now, before you start throwing money at shady websites claiming to sell you scores, let's uncover the truth about this mysterious practice. It's impossible for a third-party service to increase your score without any interaction on the app. If they attempt to do so, Snapchat's detection system will quickly flag any suspicious activity, resulting in the ban of all accounts involved, including yours. It’s important to be careful with these, as many of these sites are fraudulent and will take your money without actually boosting your score.

How high can your Snapscore go?

According to Thrive My Way, a score from 1,000-50,000 shows that you use Snapchat a good amount, a score between 50,000 and 200,000 means you are active on the app, and a score between 200,000 and 400,000 might make you a Snapchat star. It doesn’t stop there. There are many users with Snapscores in the millions. The highest Snapscore award goes to Mustbecris with a Snapscore over 322 million as of today.

For creators who are more popular on the app, Snapchat has created a new feature called Spotlight, which rewards users for creating and sharing high-quality short-form video content. By submitting a video to Spotlight, you have the chance to get featured on Snapchat's Spotlight homepage, where millions of users can view, share, and engage with your content.

The best part about this feature is if your video gets a lot of views, you can earn a share of the daily $1 million Spotlight reward pool. If you’re a creator who submits one of the top videos, you can earn Crystal rewards, which can also be cashed out for real money. So, if you're looking for a fun and potentially lucrative way to showcase your video skills and increase your Snapchat score, give Spotlight a try.

Why increase your Snapscore?

Increasing your Snapchat score can be a satisfying experience that provides a sense of accomplishment in your social media management efforts — and belonging within the app's community.

By consistently engaging with your followers, posting stories, and using various features within the app, you can steadily increase your score, which can make you feel more connected to the platform and the people using it. Seeing your score rise can also be a tangible reminder of your activity and engagement on the app, which can feel rewarding and motivating. As your score grows, you may find that you're able to unlock more features and expand your reach within the Snapchat community, allowing you to connect with even more people and feel like you're part of a thriving online ecosystem.

How does your Snapscore go up?

1. Send and receive snaps
The most straightforward way to increase your score is by sending and receiving snaps with your followers on the app. The more snaps you send and receive, the higher your score will be.

2. Use different types of snaps
Your Snapchat score can also get a boost when you diversify the types of snaps you send, including pictures, videos, and chat messages.

3. Use Snapchat consistently
By staying active on the app over a period of time, you can watch your score gradually increase and reflect your level of engagement on the platform.

4. Increase Snapchat followers
The more followers you have on Snapchat, the more opportunities you have to send and receive snaps, which can help increase your score.

5. Keep up with your snap streaks
Snap streaks are a feature in which users exchange snaps with other Snapchat users for consecutive days. Maintaining a Snapstreak for an extended period can increase your score.

The takeaway

Snapchat offers a fun and engaging way to connect with your Snapchat community through the sharing of pictures, videos, and messages. While it's important not to focus solely on increasing your Snapchat score, a higher score can be a satisfying way to track your activity on the app and stay engaged with your followers. By sending and receiving snaps, using different types of snaps, and maintaining a consistent presence on the app, you can watch your score rise over time. The real benefits of using Snapchat come from the connections and relationships you build through sharing content with others.

So, keep snapping, keep connecting, and enjoy all the fun that Snapchat has to offer.

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