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10 most popular US Facebook pages 2021

Creating the most engaging page on Facebook is no easy task. It takes a lot of hard work and great content.

In this article, we’ve listed the most popular Facebook pages by category, which means likes, comments, and shares. 

Plus, to give you a full understanding of overall growth, we’ve included another two lists: the brands that gained the most fans in 2020 overall, and also the brands that saw the fastest increase in fans.

See which brands made it to the top and take notes on what they’re doing right so you can empower your own Facebook strategy. Let’s dive in:

Brands with the most likes

Netflix keeps their audience entertained with their social media content as well as their streaming service. They have one of the best Facebook pages in the world because they also keep their community engaged with topical and humorous responses. 

During the first lockdown, a market survey by OnePoll showed the average American was streaming around eight hours of content per day. Netflix reacted by increasing their overall digital ad budget and spend by over 300%. Viewership rocketed and it was supported by a change in marketing strategy. Moral of the story? Always use audience analytics to capitalize on behavioral changes in your customer base.

Brands with the most comments

Although Netflix still dominates the number of overall comments, the next two profiles show us other key topics that create engagement.

What was the last day when you didn’t talk about a favorite show, animals, or finances? These top-performing brands don’t try to reinvent the wheel; they focus on everyday interests.

Meowingtons may seem like just a cat-lovers page on first appearances, but you’ll also find its dedicated app on Google Play. Many of the offers are in-app-only deals and the brand utilizes the customer nurturing relationship between Facebook and their own platforms.

Meowingtons are masters of the Facebook ad to landing page sales funnel. Plus, fans are welcome to come back and comment, which keeps their community engaged and in the loop.  

Brands with the most shares

Another prominent name in the top three of both likes and shares is A Mighty Girl.

The brand has the largest assortment of books, games, movies, and toys dedicated to helping to empower young girls. The page regularly posts about products for teachers and parents, along with inspirational stories about courageous and historical females.   

As well as the obvious benefits of their strategy to empower, entertain, and educate, there is another crucial reason fans love sharing the brand’s posts: social relevance. By posting content linked to current and historical events, they link Ecommerce with a specific global narrative. Knowing how to analyze which social media topics are trending is the key to a successful Facebook business page. 

Brands with the biggest fan growth

Crucial Memory benefited from the surge in consumer electronic purchasing due in part to the increase in time spent at home during the pandemic.

As one of the largest PC upgrade businesses in the world, they focus on publishing posts that are engaging for their tech-savvy audience. Their content, deals, and promotions are prime examples of how to manage and grow a social media community by targeting user interest.

It’s worth noting that all of the top three brands sell products that are available on Amazon as well as their own dedicated websites. However, one of the main reasons that their Facebook business pages saw the best fan growth is that they promoted exclusive products and content that are not available from general marketplace platforms.  


Brands with the fastest fan growth

Microscopes, cameos, and whiskey. Can we sum up 2020 any better? 

Since this table shows us the Facebook pages that had the fastest growth in fans (not the highest overall number) it provides insight into how lesser-known brands can increase their fan base exponentially in a relatively short time.

Nikon Instruments deliver a masterclass in specialized, content-rich posts. As a leader in microscope-based technologies, they promote cutting-edge webinars, articles, and global discoveries that feed their audience’s specialist interests. The bottom line: they understand their specific audience marketing personas and know how to keep them engaged.

Facebook pages with the fastest relative fan growth tell a different story to pages from household mega-brands. As you know, larger corporate entities are less likely to experiment with branding. It’s impossible not to smile when you look at the inventiveness of Cameo, and Skrewball Whiskey knows that engaging with audience comments using welcoming humor is one of the best ways to boost your Facebook organic reach.  

The takeaway

The best way to keep your Facebook strategy informed is by using the tried-and-tested methods of mega-brands as well as other innovative approaches used by other growing profiles. Whenever you need inspiration, check out the brands getting it right. Plus, it’s even better if you can predict user interest by using social media analytical tools like social listening.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on socialbakers.com. Any statistics or statements included in this article were current at the time of original publication.

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