Social media marketing for construction companies

Social media marketing for construction companies

Social media marketing isn’t just valuable for clothing and consumer goods brands; construction companies can benefit as well. Both companies and consumers rely on social media to discover valuable products and partnerships; from public enterprises to private companies, your construction company has the opportunity to reach your target audience on the right social channel.

In 2021, over 295 million people had social media in the US, including manufacturers, business managers, homeowners, clients, and investors. With a good social media presence and community-driven marketing strategy, construction companies can post regular content, generate new leads, and make new connections easily. 

How can construction companies use social media marketing?

Creating content in-house can require time, effort, and budget that your company may not have at the moment. That’s why discovering passionate brand advocates in your company’s niche and taking advantage of UGC and influencer marketing can be especially valuable and cost-efficient.

Social media marketing has many benefits in the construction industry. Don’t dismiss social media marketing as unnecessary for construction — companies in every industry have the potential to thrive on Instagram, TikTok, and more.

With social media marketing, you can sell the qualities of your company, form business relationships with manufacturers and customers, and track inventory levels. Social media can improve your business’ engagement with the world and help your construction company flourish. 

Identify your target audience’s social channels

Before you dive into sharing content on social media, it’s crucial to determine what channels your target customers are active on. Whether you’re selling breaker locks to individual consumers or bulk shipments to manufacturers, consider using social listening to monitor what people are saying about your brand and/or industry online. This will help you determine which channels to spend time and effort on when social media marketing.

Tile and stone manufacturer Daltile discovers individuals and agencies using its products, and then showcases their community’s content on social media and on its website in a shoppable gallery.

Tile and stone manufacturer Daltile discovers individuals and agencies using its products, and then showcases their community’s content on social media and on its website in a shoppable gallery.

Share community content on social

Influential social media users and everyday fans exist in every industry, and the content they produce can be harnessed to benefit your company’s social media strategy. Pixlee TurnTo’s influencer marketing and UGC solutions allow your brand to collect, publish, and measure the success of content originally shared on social media by other users in your sphere. 

By resharing UGC on your company’s social profiles, you’ll increase the likelihood that more content will come your way while simultaneously building an engaged audience on your social profiles.

Construction tools brand Hilti shares UGC on the company’s Instagram page to tell the stories of its satisfied clients

Construction tools brand Hilti shares UGC on the company’s Instagram page to tell the stories of its satisfied clients. There’s no better marketing on social media than letting the voices of your happy customers shine through and inspire other users.

Sell your company’s qualities

Social media marketing allows you to create a brand identity for your construction company and introduce the world to it. You can craft and post a variety of content types representing your company — from your internal team culture to your satisfied clients. As a result, you will drive more clients to you. They will see your capabilities and results and be eager to work with you on your next project.

In addition to sharing UGC on social media, Hilti gives social users a look inside its company culture, values, and mission through its posts. Employee-generated content like this LinkedIn post is a great way to go beyond appearing salesy and connect with other real people in your niche.

Social media allows you to interact with manufacturers, clients, and other companies. You can showcase your work and create business relationships that can benefit your company. With social media, you can sell your company and generate revenue with minimal extra work.

Better inventory management

Social media increases customer engagement with companies and generates more leads. It’s why many construction companies have set up social media accounts over the last few years. You may not know that you can use social media to manage your orders and inventory, so you are ready for any project. 

To preempt projects, you can use data analytics from leads, engagement, interaction rate, and customer response. If you advertise a home renovation, you should anticipate some requests for home renovations. With that in mind, you could evaluate your inventory using ERP software and order potentially necessary materials in preparation. 

You can also opt to invest in a construction project management tool software. This helps you keep on top of your stock and be ready for any project. Overall, it leaves you in a better position, and the more you use social media, the more data you will incur to make more accurate predictions.

Community-driven networking

Networking is an essential part of the construction industry. When you know people in the industry, deals can be made, and business rolls in faster. Social media is a great platform that allows you to form relationships with manufacturers and clients to boost your business. 

Powerstopbrakes Instagram post

Another great example of a niche industry using social media marketing comes from PowerStop Brakes. While brake upgrade kits might not seem like the ideal brand to see growth on Instagram, PowerStop takes unique content approaches like before and after photos, tutorial videos, and sharing customer stories to build a network of supporters and prospects.

On social media, you can showcase your recent projects and how you’ve helped other clients for all to see. If manufacturers see the types of projects that you work on, they can see where their products would fit into your business. As a result, they can get in touch with you to offer their services and negotiate a deal that benefits both of you.

Alternatively, if you are in the market for a manufacturer for a new project, you can use your social media platforms to advertise it. You can attract manufacturers in your niche directly to you without the usual hassle of chasing them by phone or email. This allows you to reap all the benefits without as much time wasted.

Highlight your work

Social media allows your construction company to show consumers what you do. Many construction companies detail their previous projects and capabilities on their websites in long passages. This can be overwhelming for consumers and impact their ability to understand how your construction company works. Social media is a better outlet for this — plus, you can additionally showcase your engaging social content on your brand’s website through a shoppable social gallery

Research shows that visual marketing is far preferable for customers as 69% of consumers would rather receive information from a video than a passage of text. Using images, graphics, and videos, you can highlight the manufacturing process to customers in a more digestible way. 

Whether you’re looking to connect with clients in need of a paint job or larger companies seeking new and improved construction tools, it’s valuable to know how to get the word out about your company on social media. Start by choosing the right channels, building community through content from existing customers, and developing a consistent content strategy that doesn’t weigh down your team.

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