Everything you need to know about Emplifi Summit '22

The customer experience event of the year is just around the corner. Sign up to attend today to learn how to Make Every Experience Unforgettable!

On Wednesday, October 5, thousands of professionals in marketing, commerce, and customer care will gather for Emplifi Summit '22, our annual event for customer experience leaders around the world. This free, virtual event will feature global brands, CX thought leaders, and Emplifi's leadership team, and will center on the theme: Make every experience unforgettable. Following the main event, a world tour of regional events will take place for an in-person experience. 

Listen and learn about new CX strategies

The agenda for Emplifi Summit '22 is going to be full of critical insights that are sure to change the way you think about CX. Our speakers will talk about maximizing the value of emerging channels, connecting with young consumers, and reimagining the entire customer journey. 

Here is a sampling of topics on the lineup so far:

  • Hear from Emplifi CEO Mark Zablan on why leading brands are putting social media first.

  • Learn how to unleash the power of video on TikTok.

  • Find out what it means to love your customers, with business strategist Fred Reichheld.

  • Get inside the hearts and minds of Gen Z, with Fanbytes founder Timothy Armoo.

  • Consider what “unforgettable” looks like in practice, with Emplifi CMO Zarnaz Arlia.

  • See real-world success stories from brands like Virgin Media and the NFL.

Four reasons you should attend

With three hours of high-impact programming, this year's Emplifi Summit will be well worth your time. We're confident you're going to leave the event feeling empowered to put new ideas to work for your brand. 

Specifically, we think you'll walk away with these key benefits:

  1. Discover new ways to make the customer journey feel personal and effortless.

  2. Get new insights for getting the most out of emerging channels.

  3. Hear what established brands are doing to connect with Gen Z.

  4. Get an inside look at Emplifi's product vision, strategy, and future direction.

Be sure to save the date and register to attend Emplifi Summit '22 on October 5th. Visit summit.emplifi.io to learn more.

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