Top image: Why more brands are using LinkedIn to reach customers

Jeff Haws, Director of Content Marketing, Emplifi

Why more brands are using LinkedIn to reach customers

The digital age has ushered in many platforms brands can use to engage with their audiences. However, LinkedIn's transformation from a professional networking site to a hub of brand engagement stands out. Historically viewed as the go-to platform for career advancement and professional connections, LinkedIn has quietly morphed into a powerful marketing tool for consumer brands. 

LinkedIn's blend of professional context with personal storytelling offers a unique channel for them to build brand awareness and connect with target audiences on a level unmatched by traditional social media platforms.

The rising tide of brands on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been known for some time as a fruitful environment for B2B marketers, but now we’re seeing more and more brands increasing their activity on the channel. These brands, traditionally focused on more mainstream social media channels, are discovering LinkedIn's value in reaching a professional audience in a more authentic, engaging manner. This trend is driven by one key factor: LinkedIn's user base is affluent, educated, and engaged in professional development, making it an ideal audience for premium brands.

Companies like Microsoft and Adobe have led the way, showcasing their products and services through rich storytelling that appeals to professionals looking to enhance their productivity and creativity in the workplace. Similarly, Nike has effectively used LinkedIn to highlight its corporate culture and commitment to social issues, resonating with users' professional aspirations and personal values.

These examples underscore the platform's potential for brands to deepen connections with their audience through content that bridges professional interests and personal values.

LinkedIn's evolution as a marketing platform

LinkedIn has expanded its usefulness for marketers with improvements designed to enhance user engagement and content reach. For example, the introduction of LinkedIn Live allowed brands to broadcast live video content, engaging users in real-time discussions and Q&A sessions. Companies like Asana have used this feature, which has hosted live productivity workshops and roundtable discussions, demonstrating the platform's capability to support interactive, value-driven content.

The platform has also made strides in improving targeting and analytics, enabling brands to measure the impact of their content with greater precision. For instance, LinkedIn's Demographics and Audience Insights tools provide a look into the types of professionals visiting a brand's website, allowing for more tailored content strategies. These enhancements not only boost the platform's appeal for marketing but also equip brands with the tools needed to execute effective campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

Strategic advantages for brands

One of LinkedIn's most compelling attributes for brands is its ability to facilitate targeted marketing campaigns. The platform's sophisticated targeting options, based on job titles, industries, and professional interests, enable brands to reach niche audiences with personalized messaging. This level of specificity, coupled with LinkedIn's reputation for professional content, provides an unmatched opportunity for brands to position themselves as leaders in their respective fields.

Overall, LinkedIn's environment encourages a depth of engagement that is rare on other social platforms. Content that offers genuine insights, industry analysis, or professional development tips tends to perform well, enabling brands to build credibility and trust with their audience. For example, L'Oréal leverages LinkedIn to showcase its commitment to sustainability and diversity in the workplace, topics that resonate with the platform's audience and align with the company's brand values.

Challenges and best practices

While LinkedIn offers numerous opportunities for brands, navigating its professional culture can be challenging. The key to success lies in striking the right balance between professional relevance and brand personality. Content that is too informal may not resonate with LinkedIn's audience, while overly corporate messaging can seem impersonal. 

Brands like Airbnb have found a sweet spot by sharing stories of professionals who use their service for business travel, blending personal experiences with professional use cases in a way that feels both authentic and appropriate for the platform.

Developing a content strategy that aligns with LinkedIn's strengths requires a focus on value-driven content. Brands should aim to educate, inspire, or inform using formats that encourage engagement, such as articles, videos, and infographics. 

Remember that leveraging LinkedIn's analytics tools to track engagement and refine content strategies over time is crucial for sustained success. Regularly reviewing metrics such as click-through rates, engagement rates, and follower growth can provide valuable insights into the content that resonates strongest with your audience, allowing for continuous optimization of your LinkedIn marketing efforts.


LinkedIn's rise as a marketing platform for brands is a testament to the evolving nature of social media marketing. Its unique blend of professional context and personal engagement offers ‌fertile ground for brands looking to build meaningful connections with their audience. 

For social media marketing professionals and marketing leaders, embracing LinkedIn's capabilities can open new avenues for brand storytelling and audience engagement. 

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